A New Year, A New Makeup Revolution Haul


The most beautiful affordable haul

Aup, it's my first blog post of 2017. O M G. And this one is sure to be a cracker! I was recently given a load of Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup products for Christmas. (Can you imagine my excitement when I opened the presents??) And I knew immediately I would need to do a collective review once I tried all these out. And so here we are friends! Four beautiful products to gush over and my honest opinions on them. So, before I carry on rambling, let's get into it!

001: I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette:
This palette was the one thing I set my heart on for Christmas (geddit?), and it's a wonderful dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peaches palette. It contains *almost* the exact same shades and comes in a cute melted chocolate shaped box. Ahh I just love it! I was most excited about the pink shades 'Soft' and 'Peach' while the gold shade 'Sweet' would be perfect to blend with the brown next to it, 'Candy'. All the shades, after trying and swatching are so pigmented and feel sort of creamy to the touch. Is that even a thing to say about eyeshadow?? It's defo a perfect dupe for Too Faced if you can't afford the £39 price.

002: I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts in Peachy Keen Heart blusher:
If you didn't know, triple baked blushers are a thing. And this one is right up my street! With a gold, rose gold and copper, when blended together with a blush brush, it adds a peachy pink glow to your cheeks that makes my heart sing. It's not powdery at all, and is easy to blend into your cheeks without you looking like a scary doll with a serious blush problem. And the product is sooo pretty that I just want to spend ages taking pictures of it haha.

003: I Heart Makeup Lava Lips in Red:
I literally can't find the name of this one, so I'll just say it's a red. I've only tried this once, and I expected big things. It's a pigmented red liquid lipstick that stays on your lips forever. And it is ever so slightly drying. Though don't let that put you off, you can very easily compare these to my beloved NYX liquid suedes. And this will be a lovely wintery staple for when I do my gold eyeshadow with a bold lip!

004: Makeup Revolution #Revoholic Lips palette:
Last, but by no means least, I was rather excited when I opened this. I've never had a lipstick palette, and all the colours excite me. Depending on whether you're using a good lipstick brush, I found them easier to apply with my fingers. I knoow, so unprofessional. But it was the only way to get good pigmentation. These feel like you don't have anything on your lips, and to an extent that's amazing, until you have to eat and you get lipstick all over your food...

Have you tried any of these products from Makeup Revolution?


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  1. great all products :) I waiting my new post :)

  2. I adore make up revolution! I got their #Revoholic eyes palette recently with some other purchases and I love their! Their Iconic Pro Redemption palettes are dupes for the Naked palettes and I love them! x

    1. I've got a couple of their iconic palettes and they're soooo good as well! x


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