Why I Chose To Do Vlogmas


It's a festive youtuber time of year...

I presume you're not living under a rock, but because December is upon us, all the youtubers in the world are doing a thing called Vlogmas. Basically, it's a festive themed vlog everyday up until Christmas Day and includes everything from getting a tree, shopping, exploring festooned places, etc. And this year, I decided to join in among all the excitement instead of sitting back and watching everyone else's...

So, why did I decide to do my own this year, and what is it really like?? Well, my dear friends, I think 2016 has been sort of a pivotal moment for me in terms of my YouTube channel. I feel like I'm finally finding the right balance of energy to put into my videos, my thumbnails are on point and my new white walls are strangely motivating me to film more... If you haven't seen any of my videos, you can watch them here. And if you see how I was last year, compared to now, you will agree that I'm being myself more.

Vlogmas, for one, has also been my favourite time of year to watch videos. Because EVERYONE gets involved and vlogs their festive days. My favourite of course is Zoella's, but I mean who doesn't like her vlogmas'? I think the reason why I love hers so much is because she loves the season just as much as I do haha. And if I have the means to create my own why not? All I've been using is my phone and the built in iMovie editor. It's so so simple and it gets my creative juices going.

I LOVE doing those montages in vlogs, and I've been milking them this year. Also, Vlogmas is like a little hobby on the side from my main hobby - this blog. Deciding to only film on my days off doesn't put as much pressure on me as others who do the whole month. And that way, I can have more fun in my vlogs and give you guys, the viewers, something to look forward to. Of course my vlogs aren't proffesionally done with cool HD shots of everything, but it has become a creative outlet for me. AND I can share all my excitement for the season haha.

So far, I've filmed me going Christmas shopping, exploring central London, putting up the family Christmas tree and going to a blogger event. And there's more to come!! Just typing this is making me so ready to film on Thursday and next week eeek. If that's not a reason in itself that I look forward to doing my own Vlogmas, then I don't know what is. They've been recieved, in my opinion, really well so far, and I can't wait to share more with you! Let's raise a glass (or mug) of gingerbread latte to the rest of the month woo hoo.

Have any of you decided to do Vlogmas? If so, link your channel below!!


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