Why Tacky Christmas Jumpers Are The Best


All hail the tacky jumpers!

I LOVE a good Christmas jumper at this time of year, and I'm the proud owner of about four cute and festive ones - all from Primark at amazing prices! (and of good quality if I say so myself!) I've been uashamedly wearing them whenever I can, but of course I'm saving the one pictured and another for the week of Christmas. And if you don't love these festive garments, then we can't be friends sorry. If, thankfully, you love them just as much as me, then you'll appreciate these four reasons why they are the best!

001: You are guaranteed to get an amazing design on the front. From gingerbread, to trees that fricking light up! Whatever it is, it'll be sure to tell the world how much you love Christmas!

002: They can be extremely cheap, ie. £8 and can still look epic. That means even if you wear if for one day of the year, there's no need to feel any guilt...

003: Another top reason is that, even if they look tacky, they can be super comfy. I want to live in mine, even when Christmas is over but it's still cold. Honestly, this year's Primark selection is DANGEROUS. You'll never want to take them off.

004: They are also perfectly oversized so, on Christmas Day, then can hide your food baby. Now there's no need to then suck in your stomach, feel free to gorge on chocolates, roast potatoes and all the works to your hearts content.

Do you guys wear tacky jumpers at Christmas?

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  1. Completely agree with this! Christmas jumpers are the best.. (Especially ones from Primark haha). x


    1. Woo I don't ever look anywhere else to be honest :P

  2. Can't beat a good ol' oversized tacky christmas jumper haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. The more oversized the better haha


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