Sunday Snuggle Down #38


Make today an excuse to eat cake!

Happy Sunday! Woo hoo! *party poppers everywhere!!* I guess I should save that phrase for Friday, but Sundays are just as lovely. It's an excuse to relax, eat cake and catch up on blog posts. I usually eat pasta or curry as well, but I'm working ah well. This week has just been full of shifts, but I did manage to hit up Oxford Street and take loads of photos for my insta - including these amazing looking Lola's Cupcakes ooohhh. *heart eyes* Anyways, last night I went through my whole blog feed in a panic for today's post, but I think I've found some gems that you guys will enjoy, so place some hygge lighting, sit back and enjoy...

  • Charlotte snapped up some lovely new beauty products from Boots. They all sound amazing and I really want to give them a go myself!
  • Still in the mood to sort out your life and make it as neat and minimal as possible? Well, Angela has some amazing tips that even I am wanting to take on board.
  • I've already got a very similar post in my drafts, but Mandy has lovely ideas herself on what to do on a gloomy day. ie. every rainy day in London - which is also today... meh.
  • Kaylah has a beautiful list of items she wants. Sure, it's all very materialistic, BUT they are so pretty and I just want the cat collar!
  • I love photography and Rae has put together a very dreamy compilation of photos that are pretty, gritty and pastely.
  • Wanting to up your Instagram game as well as your blog game? Then read on for Rihanna's tips as there are things I didn't even know was beneficial for my blog!
What blog posts have you been loving this week?


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  1. I really enjoyed Rhianna's read on Instagram tips, they were so useful! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. I saved it on Bloglovin' for future reference but I'm yet to try the business tools on the app though xx


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