Lush Valentine's Day 2017


Treating myself to more Lush goodies

It's under a month to go now until Singles Awareness Day, or as other people call it for some reason: Valentine's Day... Lush released their anticipated collection for the loving season last weekend and you can bet I ran to the shop near my work to stock up! You will for sure notice returning favourites, as well as a couple of new additions. (And for some reason, last year's Mother's Day products have been chucked in the mix...) To be honest I'm very happy with what I picked up, and the only things I left out were a bath bomb, wash card, soap, lip gloss and lip scrub... Because a gal can't afford it all!

001: Prince Charming shower cream:
This turkish delight smelling shower heaven was one of my favourites last year! It contains marshmallow root infusion, organic cocoa butter, pomegranate juice, vanilla infusion and grapefruit. It's amazingly sweet and perfect for perking yourself up on a morning before a long day ahead. I'm always drawn to the tiny bottles in these kind of collections because they're just sooo cuuutteeee.

002: Lover Lamp bath bomb:
I saved this for Singles Awareness Day last year, and I might do it again! The little hearts are actually cocoa butter which makes the bath water sooo soft and your skin just feels pampered. It also smells wonderfully of vanilla and brazillian orange oil. To be honest, I just want to bathe in this one forever.

003: Rose Bombshell bath bomb:
Sharing its scent with Ro's Argan, this is a sickly sweet rose scented bath bomb. I do like it, but after a while I do feel quite queasy - sadly, this is probably not for those of you who hate the 'in your face' scents. Though the colours of this and the fact that there are lovely little rose petals inside can make up for it!

004: Unicorn Horn bubble bar:
I legit love this so much that I actually bought two. Yeah, I'm that person who can't get enough of this magical lavender, neroli and ylang ylang horn. They just smell AMAZING and it's so sparkly and pretty! I mean, guys, c'mon, just look at it! It's perfect for relaxing on a cold winter's day and it sends me straight away to sleep after.

005: Lovestruck bubble bar:
The first of the few new additions to the collection this year. Channeling the heart eyes emoji (which is basically me every time I see a picture of Matty Healy), it's bright, cute and contains lemon and geranium oils. Sweet, uplifting and slightly floral. A perfect excuse to save this cutie for a rainy day.

006: Two Hearts Beating As One bath melt:
This bath melt is cleverly put together - and it's very satisfying to look at. It has apricot kernel oil to make your skin velvety soft as well as almond oil and argan oil. There's also a bit of jasmine and rose thrown in for good measure. Might save this for when I feel especially lonely and need to pamper myself. Because if no one will love me, then I will love myself haha.

007: Cupid bath bomb:
You might recognize this scent from Razzle Dazzle bath melt, there's bergamot oil, lime oil, violet leaf absolute and rose petal powder. It's new, pretty and very pink. There's not much else I can say about this except I just want to insert that cupid heart emoji - because I just keep thinking of that haha.

008: Ladybird bubble bar:
Another add-on from last year's Mother's Day collection. I love this for the geranium and peppermint which makes it smell both fresh and comforting. It's so cute that I don't ever want to use him... But I know it'll probably go perfectly with Rose Bombshell! Though it does leave me wondering what Lush will bring out in the place of these for the next collection...

Have you guys picked up any of the Valentine's Day range?


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  1. I like the sound of Lover Lamp bath bomb and the Lovestruck bubble bar is definitely one to try! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Ahh Lover Lamp is just HEAVEN! x

  2. Ahhhh prince charming is back! Probably one of my favorite shower creams from lush! I heard the unicorn horn makes the bath look pink now which is great because the grey murky water from the original one was rather disappointing lol

    Great picks! x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. It's one of mine as well, I might have to buy a bigger bottle once I've finished this haha


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