Happy Pancake Day!


What are you putting on yours?

Woo hoo! It's pancake day! As I'm typing this, it is the day before the big day, and I have just eaten the monstrosity that was the pancakes pictured above... That's because I'm working today so, alas, there is no time to make some. But as pre-pancake day celebrations go, this was amazing! Last year I used the same recipe for the pancakes which I took from Jamie Oliver - and for the summer fruit compote, I took the recipe from Poppy Deyes.

I posted both recipes up on my blog and you can go here to make your own. It's sooo super easy and results in that nice silence when you're enjoying your food too much to talk.

Having them again this year was just so special. I'm not normally one for eating pancakes aaaaaaall the time, but this day does mean something to me. i.e. being able to eat my body weight in cooked batter with berries haha. I would have slathered maple syrup or nutella on mine, but I have to keep it 'healthy' in some aspects... However you're having yours, I hope it's a good batch!

Are you a crepe style or fluffy pancake person?


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  1. Happy pancake day Fran - these look so yummy!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. And to you too!! They were except I accidentally burnt one which I've hidden haha xx

  2. omg it looks so good!

    1. I knnoooooow! It really was haha x


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