Sunday Snuggle Down #43


It's pamper bath day...

Happy Sunday guys!! Sorry I never did a post last week but I think it was down to me working and needing a break for one week. BUTTT I'm back and I have some lovely posts to share with you all. This week has been full of shifts (as usual) and getting excited for Spring - because the Mother's Day collection in Lush is out - and just look at the cute bubble bars... This picture is hopefully a hint to you that you should take time out to self care today. So, sink back into bed, or your sofa if you're an early bird, and read on to see what posts I've been loving this week...

  • Soooo Valentine's Day was last week, and I think the only good thing to ever come of that day is food. And Katy visited Franco Manca for the best and cutest looking pizza ever. Nom nom.
  • Stripes are in and they're everywhere. And Olivia has the perfect casual outfit to bring you inspiration on how to keep up with the trend. It's super pretty!!
  • Sundays should be renamed Lazy Day, and if you're looking for an easy go to recipe that also doubles up as comfort food, Hannah has an amazing one up her sleeve! I can vouch for this as my mum makes a veeeryyyy similar one and it's just the best ever.
  • If you're a sucker for a bubble bath like me, but also trying to save your money, Samantha has some cheap alternatives for you! For £3 a pop (or pretty big bottle), you get a beautiful and pretty offering of sweet scents to make bathtimes the best... Just see for yourself...
  • Choosing between Insta Stories and Snapchat for your blog outreach?? Dana has a post that will help you with your decision!
  • ANOTHER fashion post. Sorry not sorry. But this one from Amy features ruffles, pinks and loads of Spring goodness. *Instant heart eyes!*
What blogs have you been loving recently?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx