Lush Mother's Day Haul 2017


Sprinkling some Spring in to your bath

Guuyysss! It's that time of year again when the first of the Spring collections in Lush are released. (I generally don't count Valentine's Day as part of it) On Friday the Mother's Day collection hit stores and you can imagine me checking Instagram, seeing the announcement and running to the shop near my work. I bought almost everything - as usual - because who doesn't love trying new products and coming back to old favourites? The only things I missed out on were: a soap, a lip scrub and a bath bomb that said 'Mum' on it. So without further ado, let's get stuck in and see what I did get for welcoming the coming season with bath products woo hoo!

001: Pink Custard shower jelly:
I love a good shower jelly and they're amazing for showers (obviously) but also for adding extra pzazz to a bath cocktail. I usually chop them up because they're soo big to hold, but that makes them also easier to put in a strainer and hold under the water for bubbles! This one smells of lavender - yay - but it's also paired well with tonka, vanilla and neroli for sweet uplifting notes. I've used it already and it's reaaalllyyyy good!

002: Ups-A-Daisy bath bomb:
A pretty bath bomb that just screams Spring! One side has pink and orange and the other is yellow and blue as you can see. This has a lovely rose scent along with rosewood but it's not sickly sweet like Rose Bombshell. I can imagine the colours looking really nice in the bath - but will the water turn brown though... That is the question...

003: Scrubee body butter:
I was really excited to grab this one because I LOVE King of Skin and it's just adorable. Scrubee shares its scent with Honey I Washed The Kids. This one has honey, coconut and ground almonds for gentle exfoliation. This would be perfect for using on a pamper evening to give your skin some loving. All I can hope is that it fits into my tin because it's so big...

004: Elsie the Giraffe (You're Having A Bath) bubble bar:
This is the funniest bubble bar I have ever seen in my life. Lush have really pulled out the stops with this and I can't stop giggling because it's so blimming cute!! It has lime, grapefruit and lemon which really reminds me of summer days having lemon and fruit ice pops aww. I can't wait to run this under the bath and wake myself up in the morning.

005: Baa Bar bubble bar:
This was an immediate favourite because of the fact that it contains jasmine - which is by far a classic Lush scent that I love! (Anyone else love Sex Bomb bath bomb??) There's also a little bit of rose in as well ooh. Even though it's small, the colour the water goes makes up for it, because seeing pics of this little guy makes me think that I should stock up on another.

006: Your Mother Should Know bubble bar:
Another floral looking delight. This one reminds me for some reason of an ABBA song and I don't think it has anything to do with it... There's grapefruit, neroli and orange flower for a flowery happy bath. I mean it's really pretty and and also quite a chunky offering. Perfect for really indulgent days when you've come back from a walk in the park surrounded by daffodils.

007: Yummy Mummy shower cream:
This is the only product from the Mother's Day range last year to return. It's a classic and I've loving the fact that it's in cream form! It has cocoa butter along with geranium and tonka and brazillian orange oil. This is for sure a classic Spring scent and the fact that it's purple gives me so much happiness haha.

See my Lush Haul video here:

Have you guys picked up anything from the Mother's Day range?


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  1. aww the up-a-daisy bath bomb is so cute! Need to get my hands on some of these! x

    1. I used it the other day and it's sooo nice! It's one of those that's a slow foamer so you can really look at how pretty it is for longer hehe x


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