Spring Pink Aesthetics At Peggy Porschen


Getting the cake and coffee pretty on

I've now upgraded to being 'that' blogger with candid shots of me drinking coffee in what people call 'hip and happening' places. Do people even say that phrase anymore?? I'm lucky enough to work near the infamous Peggy Porschen cake shop, so it was about time that I went along with my best blogging pal Victoria to eat our body weight in cake and take cute flatlays. Praise the coffee beans that it was just like a perfect spring day for once - and that I decided to take along my Primark sunglasses. Because they TOTALLY go with the aesthetic and my Cath Kidston dinosaur dress! (rawr!) I mean they were a pound, so who wouldn't say no to a stylish bargain?

As you can imagine, it was veerryyy easy to spot because of all the pink. And I'm turning into a very girly girl now, so I was in heaven. I mean, if you haven't seen from here and my insta where have you been? But to the food and drink! A standard latte/cappuccino is around the £3 mark while the cake/cupcakes (that Peggy is obviously known for) starts from around £4 and the slices are £6.25 each. Me and Vicky opted for a slice of cake and while she got a vanilla latte, I decided to get a normal one. I wasn't ready to commit to ultimate sweetness just yet. Our cake choices involved a lemon, raspberry and rose slice and a dark chocolate truffle slice. Guesses for what mine was...

So in all, our costs came to around £9 each which is to be expected in my opinion for a posh cake shop in Chelsea. The coffee was good - it wasn't the best but it had the perfect amount of sweetness and bitterness which I love in a beverage. And the cake. O. M. G. I thought it would be sickly sweet and rich, but oh no. It was pure chocolate heaven! I could have eaten two slices if I could but that would have cost me £12 haha. If you're a chocoholic like me, you NEED to try this. Vicky liked hers, but you'll have to look out for her post on what she thought.

For a real treat, I would defo go back again. I mean it really lives up to its reputation and the cake is to die for. Plus, as the photos from this post shows, you can get some really pretty flatlays. 5 stars.

What was the best cake you guys ever had?


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  1. There's not a day where I don't see Peggy Porschen on Instagram now, and it all makes me want to go there so bad! Your post is actually super useful because I wondered how much the cakes would cost. The lemon, raspberry and rose slice sounds heavenly! I really do need to go and fulfil my blogger dream there this spring haha. Your photos look awesome by the way, I love your dress!

    Julia x
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    1. That's ok! I couldn't find any posts on how much anything was either so I just hoped £10 was enough haha... And thank you so much! I already know how many times I want to wear this dress haha xx

  2. Peggy Porschen is just the most instagrammable place ever! x


    1. It actually is! I could have easily spent all afternoon there haha x


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