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The magazine every blogger needs!

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I hate magazines full of gossip crap. Celeb rumours and 'articles' about body weight?? No thanks. But, I do have a serious love for content rich publications - independents like oh comely and frankie magazine.

And recently, I FINALLY got my hands on Blogosphere magazine! Namely because Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg aka my queen) was on the front cover, so obviously it was much easier to grab a copy of issue eleven than search for something that other bloggers had, but I could never find in WHSmith. And before you say it, no I prefer not to order online (though obviously the exceptions are concert tickets, merch and the Lush Kitchen!) Soo, if you've seen this everywhere on social media, but not sure whether you should pick it up, here's a few reasons why you should part with a mere £6 for this heaven in a magazine. And not just because Zoe is on the front cover...

(Ps. this isn't sponsored or anything, I just really love this magazine and wanted to share with you why it's so great!!)

  • This is the perfect magazine for every kind of blogger, it covers all areas of the community from your standard fashion and beauty to food and fitness! So, you're bound to find the section catered to your blog's topics.
  • It's been so helpful in providing tips and advice to help you with your blog. This particular issue highlighted on tax and declaring your blog as a business, and I feel suddenly much more aware of what it involves.
  • As I said before, it's £6, and you get a massive chunk of content (that others have said they can't film a boomerang and get to the end by the time it finishes recording haha) So, you really get your money's worth without all the nuisance adverts that can take up half a magazine.
  • Of course you have highlighted posts from bloggers. And I was so happy to see a couple of my faves (Charlotte and Jennie's) posts featured! That way you can discover new bloggers without using your phone. Perfect for bedtime reading woo hoo.
  • It features loads of interesting articles from why mainstream media views blogging as an 'amateur' profession and what's with bloggers and Brighton, to how to diversify your revenue income and seeing the coders of top blogger template sites! It's more than enough to sink your teeth into!
  • Last but by no means least, it's a very easy read, so if you're a new blogger or have been doing it for years and it's your job, you won't find this magazine full of hard to understand jargon. All the articles are to the point, plus there's so many interesting and lovely interviews with youtubers and bloggers, like with the queen herself: Zoella -  yaay.
Have you guys picked up Blogosphere yet?


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  1. I've only ever bought one blogosphere issue, and I honestly don't know why I never picked up another one - its an incredible magazine for bloggers!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It is! Like I said for me it's so hard to find in WHSmith so sadly this is my first issue! x

  2. I've never read it before but I really want too, especially now that I know what it talks about!


    1. I'd be quick if you want this issue as the next one is out pretty soon! x

  3. I love the Blogosphere magazine too, I finally got round to subscribing last year and I'm so glad I did - I can't wait for the next issue!


    1. Same here! It's so informative for us bloggers! :)

  4. I am trying so hard to find this magazine somewhere near me, I want to read it so much!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Aww I don't think this issue is available anymore, but the new one is coming out soon so fingers crossed you can grab a copy!!


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