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Get ready for the sunny season

Wooo we finally hit the season of Spring yesterday!  In all honesty, Spring is my favourite season along with Autumn because they have the perfect temperatures and its all about nature. (I mean who doesn't love blossom and leaves?) And I only like Winter because of Christmas, because otherwise it's crap. To bring in this season, it's time to dig out the products that make us feel good. *flicks hair*

001: Too Faced Sweet Peach palette:
What would a beauty edit be without mentioning this slice of heaven? It's a beautiful palette with peach scented and tinted shades that are so buttery they would be good for baking cakes. Though please don't do that. This palette is the ultimate go to and pay day treat. Everyone's raving about this, so I won't go on for too long but read my review here to find out more!

002: Barry M nail paints in On Your Marks and Need For Speed:
These colours are so perfect for the season... OYM (yellow) and NFS (purple) are my favourites at the moment and dry so quickly. The yellow in particular is my go to at the moment and I'm just obsessed with it because it looks like Spring on my nails. If you can get your mitts on these, you'll be slaying in the nail stakes.

003: Lush Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel:
I feel like I've said this in a previous beauty edit post, but what's a seasonal post without a Lush product?? This one is Easter themed, orange and smells of spring. Or rabbit's favourite food with an added sweetness! Yep, you guessed it, it smells of carrots BUT there's also jasmine and rose in there -which to be honest are the best floral ingredients!

004: Soap & Glory Glow All Out highlighter:
If you can't go all out (no pun intended) with this product in Spring, then when can you my friend? This is by faarr the best drugstore highlighter you can get, it gives amazing shimmer, shine and doesn't look like you've put loads of glitter on yourself. Literal perfection. Forget the high end ones, go straight for this cutie!

005: Barry M Matte Me Up lip kit in Pose:
A very new addition to my lipstick collection, but one I do not regret spending £6.99 on. You can see my review for it here, and it's literally the most perfect pink nude to create bold yet subtle Spring looks. I hope you get what I mean when I say that haha. Anyways, it's a matte lipstick and is just the current love of my life.

006: Soap & Glory Wonderbronze bronzer:
I'll more than likely feature this in my summer post if I don't find another bronzer to rival this one. Because it's the bomb.com and I've never typed that phrase in a post... Not only does your skin get a lovely colour but you also look glowing and like you've come back from a holiday as there are tiny highlighting bits in it. i.e. the best thing to ever come in a bronzer omg.

What products are your go-to's for Spring?


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  1. The Soap & Glory highlighter looks beautiful! I've never tried their makeup products, but they're all considered quite good for a drugstore brand. Also, the Barry M nail polish is glorious - not sure I'd dare to wear such a bright yellow shade, but it looks simply amazing!

    Julia x
    Last post: Purple Makeup with MAC and YSL | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/makeup-review-purple-haze.html

    1. Omg you've never tried Soap and Glory?? You need to go to boots asap and buy the highlight, brow kit and blushers! They're going to change your drugstore makeup game!! xx

  2. Ahh the lush shower gel sounds amazing! Also, the sweet peach palette is the best out of all the too faced palettes x

    Blog | Bits of Reg

    1. It really is! I'm kind of scared that I'll never be able to repurchase it once I've hit pan on my favourite shades :'D

  3. Such a lovely post - still eyeing up the sweet peach palette, its sooo gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aww thank you Lucy! Hopefully I've not been repeating myself too much :)


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx