Sunday Snuggle Down #46


A day for exploring...

I'm currently typing this up on a Saturday night before I watch the final episode of The OA on Netflix... I'm kind of sad but also excited to start another series. I'm that person who can only watch one at a time haha. (I'm also planning to do an updated Netflix post soon - because those go down well for me!) Anyways, it's Sunday - well for you when you read this, and before you go out exploring, to eat or to just take your dog for a walk, sit back with some coffee and read the posts I've been loving this week. They might even give you inspo for what to do today... Aside from binge watching Netflix like me haha. Also can we talk about the pink car that was parked next to my fave pink house in Chelsea. Omg.

  • There's nothing better than a good ol' food post. Especially when it's at a hot blogger hangout: Farmgirl Cafe. This photo heavy post from Tanya makes me want to go back!
  • Making this a self care day? Or planning one? Lucy has five easy ways in which you can relax!
  • Hannah brings a post that hits home for all of us bloggers... Do you feel your blog content is good enough? Here's her take on the subject.
  • Soooo Oliver Bonas has a new bath and body range out, and Estee gives the lowdown on what the products are all about. And I have to say, they look AMAZING!
  • Peanut butter? Brownies?? Peanut butter swirled brownies??? Omg yes pleeasseeee! (Wait till you see the picture for the recipe because they look to die for!)
  • You can never go wrong with a beautiful travel guide, and Olivia brings us a gorgeous one about Bath. This city literally has cosy Sunday exploring written all over it. Just don't spend too long looking at the photos, because you'll want to go there asap.
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  1. Eeee thank you for the mention again Fran, so much love to you - happy sunday lovely!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. That's ok Lucy! Your blog is legit one of my faves!! <3


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