7 Ways To Make The Most Of Spring Cleaning


Clear out the old and bring in the new...

What is it about March and spring where we suddenly want to clear out everything, be all minimal and fill our space with fresh flowers?? Whatever it is, it just feels so refreshing and good to be able to do it. And the fact that the weather is getting warmer and there's daffodils everywhere you look can bring a smile to our faces.

I've recently gone through a spring clean and I haven't felt so ready for the coming season than I do now. I've tackled my wardrobe, makeup and now am about to hit my books and other bits and bobs. Especially since the craze that the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying caused, there's no better time than now to have a clear space for Spring, and also a clear mind. Sooo I wanted to compile a few easy ways on how you can have your own clear out session along with how to be motivated for it...

001: Firstly, put on a favourite record or playlist because that ALWAYS makes me feel productive and ready to tackle whatever I come across. I mean sorting through your socks in mere silence is pretty boring right?

002: A good way to get rid of clothes is giving the ones you haven't worn in over 6 months to a year to charity. If you haven't worn that lace dress in over a year, then you probably won't wear it anytime soon. I managed to get rid of so many tops and skirts with this mindset.

003: Once your wardrobe is bare (because you've been strict with yourself), only buy pieces that you can wear for aageeess. Like a minimal wardrobe where everything goes with anything you have and you have more than three or four outfit options. Thinking like this is a life saver!

004: Think minimal. If you want to keep things that mean a lot, but also want space. Bubble wrap or place in a bin bag and just put them in the attic. Voila more space and you still have your keepsakes!

005: If you don't have an attic, storage boxes are life savers. Above your wardrobe or aligned on a shelf, you can chuck all your crap in them but they look neat as heck. I LOVE the iKea fabric ones that you can just pop up. I keep all my cables from my laptop and camera in them along with shoes and bags and bits...

006: Tackle your makeup, and throw out all the old bits that are way past its shelf date. Yup, makeup goes out of date just like food. And it can smell weird. That way you're not wading through mountains everyday to decide on what to apply.

007: Once you've tackled every corner of your room and you're happy with everything, take everything to the charity shop and return with some flowers to put in your space. Having fresh flowers after a clear out just makes everything feel brighter, happier and ready for Spring. Yaay.

Do you guys have any tips for Spring cleaning?


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  1. Such great tips Fran - I really need to be more brutal with my wardrobe cleaning process!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Thank you! And I think personally, the more brutal, the more refreshed you feel! Plus you can buy bits that you can have forever - or for a few years haha x


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