A (Very) Mini Lush Spring Haul


Omg it's nearly Easter!

You know the season is just about to smack us round the face when Lush release their Easter collection. Sorry for the violent imagery haha. I didn't buy everything that they've released as I've still got my Bunch of Carrots bubble bars from last year, and most of the collection is at Oxford Street - and I went to my local store. BUT I did pick up a couple of other bits that weren't themed around chocolate eggs and Spring, so this haul is kind of a seasonal/treat post. Anyways guys, I was on a budget soo...

001: Chick n Mix bath bomb:
If there was only one product from the Easter range that I had to pick up (which it kind of was) then it would be this! It's brand new to the collection this year and I just LOVE how cute it is. As you can see it comes in three parts, so even though it's a hefty price - £6.95 - you can get three baths out of it, and that's why it's the best design ever. Plus it looks like a chick and if you look closely at the tiny egg, it has a bunny on it. Omg. Containing tonka and bergamot, it's sweet and uplifting yay.

002: Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel:
The only other seasonal product I bought was this shower gel. I've never seen or smelt a shower gel that smells of Easter i.e. carrots. Yup this actually has carrot infusion in along with jasmine and rose, so smells like the go to food of bunnies and a spring field. It's really thick for a shower gel, so it's quite moisturising and so refreshing. Ah I love it!

003: BB Seaweed face mask:
I got this for free because I traded in my five pots. If you didn't know, if you save up five clean black pots, you can return them to your store and swap them for a free face mask. It's such a genius idea and I couldn't resist my go to skincare favourite. Not only does it have seaweed, there's also honey to moisturise, rose to balance and ground almonds to exfoliate. An all round perfection.

004: Buy One Set One Free bath bomb:
I wasn't intending to buy another product, but this one goes to such an important cause - and took me back to the days in school when I was part of the Amnesty group. If you want to know more about the campaign that's helping to free a man called Andy Tsege wrongly held on death row, then go here! The proceeds from this bath bomb containing neroli and jasmine goes towards the fight to free Andy.

What have you picked up from Lush recently?


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  1. I need a trip to lush and do a bit of a haul I think - love the sound of the shower gel!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I got the shower gel and the egg! I also got the other egg 'which came first' because it smells amazing! I can't wait to use them as I've been working my way through the mothers day stuff first!

    I hope you enjoy them all

    Tarnya xxx

  3. I got invited to a Lush blogger event as Lush Finland turned 9 last month. I wasn't supposed to spent a lot of money but ended up leaving the shop with two bags filled with amazing products... the other one was the PR bag but still :D.
    I got the Chick n Mix as well and can't wait to use it! I left the Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel in the shop though as I already had picked so many other products :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

    1. Aww so lucky! my last Lush blogger event was last year for Christmas but I resisted spending haha x


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