Spring Is Coming... (Yaaay!)


Why I'm excited for the season...

Ok it's only the start of March but the equinox happens on the 20th. PLUS there's already blossom appearing and spring collections are hitting stores which is making us bloggers soooo excited. It's really beginning to feel like Spring now! I know I said that I loved Autumn, but there's just something that's special about the gradual movement into warmer days and seeing blossom and daffodils everywhere. I can definitely feel the blogger pics coming to instagram... If you're excited like me - which I hope you would be - here's a little list of all the things that are good about the season! :)

  • Taking loads of photos of blossom and flowers for the blog and insta
  • Getting ready for Easter by eating your body weight in mini eggs and creme eggs
  • Being able to just go out in a jumper or tee without lugging a coat around *swings arms in excitement*
  • Rainbow tulips hit the supermarkets ready to brighten our homes (ps Lidl do the best ones!)
  • Even if you drink iced coffee in winter, it'll be more refreshing in the coming season - and I pray that Starbucks bring back the iced honey blossom macchiato because that was heaven
  • Spring Yankee candles are out hurrah and there's pretty pink ones to add to our lust lists
  • The days are getting longer which in turns makes us feel more productive happier!
  • Sun. Yes fingers crossed we'll see more blue skies and sun yay
  • Weekend walks in the park surrounded by flowers and insta opportunities
  • Pay day is more exciting because then we can spend all our money on S/S clothes and getting ready for the summer...
  • Of course, who can't forget the Lush Mother's Day and Easter collections to hit the shelves - hooray for sweet and floral spring baths!
What are you guys most excited for about Spring?


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  1. I've spotted a few blossom trees recently and it makes me so extremely excited!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I just want to take pictures of all of them but I need to resist or otherwise my phone memory will be full haha

  2. I'm most excited about being able to wear dresses without tights again dammit. I also hate layer thick coats and I basically am anti-winter lol so it's always a reprieve whenever spring rolls round... not to mention sunnier days and pretty blooms. Looking forward to fruit infused iced teas, mmmm.

    Cherie ✽ sinonym

    1. omg yesss fruit iced teas are amazing (if they're made right!) and I live for thin nude tights under dresses! x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx