Sunday Snuggle Down #47


Have a lie in, because it's British Summertime!

Not only have the clocks now gone forward, meaning we've gained an hour on this wonderful Sunday morning. Helloooo lie in! It's also Mother's Day wooo. After I post this, I'm off out to treat my mum to a lovely bunch of flowers! (I've also given her the main present which were some Cath Kidston goodies and I've baked a lemon meringue pie... I'm such a good daughter... Let's hope there's no soggy bottom though!) This week has just been mental for me at work, so sorry for not posting more often than I usually would but I hope you guys like the blog posts I've enjoyed reading - and I've cheekily added a couple of extra ones. It will sure brighten your mood... Sooo have a lovely Sunday whatever you're up to! xx

  • You're probably wondering where I got this pic of blossom from... Well, the lovely Emily Jane took this and let me use it for insta. But I'm also putting it here because it's just soo pretty! And you should really check her blog out, it's what I call a homely classic old school blog. Food? Fashion? Life? You name it!
  • I love a good book (if you haven't read my book series, where have you been?) and I also love reading positive book reviews myself. This one from Hannah is about seeing things when you slow down in life... Need one reason to get it? It's a perfect coffee table read!
  • If you're into a good ol' bold lip then you'll want to know which one Kate has been loving... It's an absolute steal and the amazing thing is that you can get it from the drugstore!!
  • Soo Mother's Day is today, you're seeing your mum later and you haven't got anything... Fear not, here's a post about a beautiful bunch of flowers that might jog your brain for inspo! Plus they're super pretty to look at...
  • Even if you're not living on your own in a flat, you can still get some amazing ideas from Carrie's post about a few easy ways to update your space! Think prints, plants and more!
  • Need something relaxing to listen to this afternoon, or just jazz up your me time, here's Michelle's podcast recommendations. I'm not one for listening to podcasts, but a couple do sound pretty hilarious and interesting!
  • It's Spring, full on hearty food is left behind with Winter and you're after something tasty, simple and colourful... Look no further than Katy's Sunshine Pasta Salad *insert TM sign here because it's literally a god send* I'm just salivating looking at those photos...
  • Are you insta addict? Are you full on committed to the theme? If you answered yes to both, you'll love Vicky's post on a few things that are too real about insta! Cue the 'omg saaame!'

Who's posts have you been loving this week?


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  1. Love this post, you've showcased some new blogs and social in a really good way :) Danielle || Miss Danielle

    1. Aww thank you so much! I'm glad you liked reading it xx

  2. aw Fran! A homely blog that so cute <3 xx


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