Sunday Snuggle Down #51


*Sings new Paramore songs for an entire week*

Yeah, that's been me all week. My 14 year old heart is so excited for the band's new release next week that I've been having their two new songs on repeat. Judge me. I double dare you. And as a shocking twist of events, I have been reaaalllyyy bad at reading blog posts *slaps wrist* so today is a mix of topics and bloggers you NEED to check out!! Plus I might slip in one of my own... Shocking! Ok, enough sarcasm, sit back and read on for a feast for your eyes... (Also I just heard the ice cream van and I really want to run out and get one but I'm in my pjs meeh)

  • Is it finally starting to feel like it's getting closer to summer? (hopefully) So here's the perfect recipe to celebrate: a strawberries and cream cake roll. Nom nom nom.
  • Need a new palette in your life, look no further than Vicky's review of the Pixi Copper Peach Mineral palette. It looks like an actual dreeaam!
  • I did a collab here with Charlie from Prettily Painted recently, and her blog gives me old school blogger vibes which is what I love. There's a lot of beauty and all the photos are bright and pleasing...
  • If you're not obsessed with Riverdale, where have you been my friend? Corrie hits the spot with 11 thoughts that you have every time you watch it. 99.9% of them are actually true!!
  • Hannah attended the Cosmopolitan Self Made Summit and shares what she's learnt from it and adds a few tips. It's so so useful and insightful!
  • A blogger that you guys should be already obseeesseeed with is Hannah Gale. She's like the queen of blogging at the moment and every single post is so down to earth and relatable. I just LOVE her!
  • I wrote one of my favourite lifestyle posts yesterday and it was 20 things I learnt before I'm 20! It's my birthday tomorrow, so I thought I would do a serious/jokey post about my life lessons hehe

What blog posts have you been loving this week?


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  1. I'm sure I started watching Riverdale but couldn't get into it, I always hear it's super good so I may give it another go.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    1. Yeah I loved the first two episodes, it got a bit slow and now it's getting good again!

  2. I. LOVE. PARAMORE. It was not till I was 17 when I discovered them :)

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. omg they're one of my favourite ever bands!!

  3. I love hannah and her blog so much!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know! I find her writing so witty and down to earth! :D


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