5 Out There Products To Make You Ready For Summer


Steal the bright show

Not gonna lie, if you don't know me by now, then let me tell you - I am obsessed with bright colours and out there looks. Sure, I may get the odd stare while out exploring the city I live in, but being a bit more creative in my makeup than using the average natural eyeshadow makes me so happy.

I love rocking a bright or black lip with neutral eyeshadow, or I might go all out and go space unicorn queen with rainbows or blue and purple galaxies on the eyes!! And even though I'd love to rock a goth alternative look, my heart is too fluffy and happy to attempt it lmao.

Sooo, without further ado, if you want to be like me and ready to experiment with bright colours and ready to take beauty to the next level, then here's the products you'll need...

001: Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 palette (£7.99): Want a bright pastel look or recreate the entire rainbow? Then you need this palette in your life. Not only is this palette amazingly pigmented for the price - but to be honest Sleek ALWAYS deliver. This is my go to when I want something a bit different, and it's so effortless to create it as the colours blend together so well!

002: NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks in Sway and Alien (£7.00): It wasn't until last summer that I wanted to wear an entirely different colour on my lips. Sway (the purple one) was the first and I fell in love instantly, these aren't streaky at all, and can make you feel entirely badass. Alien (the black one) is the most recent addition allowing me to channel some 2010/11 Marina Diamandis. I don't know what it is but these make me feel happy and confident when I wear them.

003: I Heart Makeup blusher in Peachy Keen (£4.99): Ooook, I know I ALWAYS feature this in almost every beauty post right now, but this is also a lovely highlighter when you want something different. It's pigmented enough that you can apply each colour to your cheeks, browbone and cupid's bow.

004: NYX single eyeshadow in Mermaid (£5.50): If you're not keen on an overly bright eye look, this one is beautiful for a iridescent highlight look. Add a cream coloured base and then pop this all over your lid and you'll immediately look like a legit mermaid. Of course you could also add the purple lip for extra out there points!

Do you guys love going for 'out there' looks!


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  1. I've been experimenting so much with colour recently, I feel like I need the sleek palette in my life!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Snap it up asap because it will change your makeup game!!

  2. I Heart Makeup blusher looks just gorgeous! I guess I have to buy it!

    1. Haha you totally need to omg


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