Summer Goals


Making the most of summer twenty seventeen

Summer came and went in London last week. And the only thing I can think of saying is 'aaaah British weather for you'. (Though between you and me I'm kind of glad it isn't thirty four degrees anymore because that killed) Putting this weird weather aside, I've decided to set myself some goals for the summer! They're not really big but the little things make me really happy.

And even though I technically don't have a summer holiday because I'm a working gal and all that shizz. I'm going to make it my ultimate aim to make the most of the days off I have! Here's to Summer 2017 wooo!

  • Starting a new series to watch on Netflix and finishing it.
  • Exploring more of London! (Shoreditch, more coffee shops, etc.)
  • Work hard on my passions like my job and blogging!
  • Treat myself to more plants or flowers to brighten up my room.
  • Have more days out visiting more new places - like then new blogger go to Margate!
  • Experiment with my favourite cookie recipes and create some addictive delights.
  • Eat different flavours of Ben and Jerry's ice cream that isn't half baked...
  • Continue to complete my journal for the year.
  • Actually treat myself to more makeup and not just end up buying essentials I need.
  • Have another picnic but in a different park!
  • Write more beauty blog reviews.
  • Go to a field with the family and pick some fruit like strawberries.
Have you guys made any goals for summer?


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  1. I haven't made any goals for summer but reading this has made me want to!

    1. Oh you totally should! I've loving making goals recently!! :) x


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