Sunday Snuggle Down #56


Drink our body weight in frapps day

Happy Sunday guuuysss! I don't know about you but, on Sundays it just feels right to chill in a coffee shop with a pal and drink frapps. This photo was taken last week when me and my friend had a picnic in Hyde Park and then walked down to Carnaby Street and topped up on sweet delights.

Also, in the world of blogging, I was so happy my spur of the moment tweet about instagram themes blew up. I'm actually glad I'm not the one who doesn't care but also legit cares about their themes haha.

Down to the actual post, I've got some lovely picks this week for you guys to sink your eyes into... Sooo settle down and enjooooy! (FYI you'll be happy to know I'm spending my day off taking blog photos and drafting more blog post ideas woooo!)

  • Love Soap & Glory? Then you'll more than likely love their new sister brand that's available in Tesco! Check out Gemma's review on the new products and you'll probably fall in love with them...
  • I don't know about you, but one of the things that I love the most is my garden. (Or my parents' garden!) So I loved Carrie's post about creating a garden! Pretty plants and all!
  • I've never seen this post from a blogger before, and it was refreshing to see Charlotte talk about the reasons why she unfollows a blog. I definitely feel I can relate to some of these!
  • Courgette and grilled cheese?? Yes please! It's the perfect snack to eat on a Sunday and I'm veeery tempted to cook some tonight nom nom nom.
  • Excited about the sale? Me too. Hannah has 50 of the best buys up her sleeve that you need to take a look at! Sooo happy sale hunting!
  • Emma went to Disneyland Paris and take a look at her post of what she got up to! It gives me aaaaalll the childhood feels omg.

What blogs have you been loving this week?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx