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by - 19.8.17

Beautiful modern dreams ft. plants

I have a serious love affair with the interiors universe on Pinterest. I've accumulated around 625 pins that feature elements of what I want in my future dream home. I'm thinking a cute pad in Brighton or somewhere with easy access to my home city of London. It needs to have character but also be a place where modern design slots in effortlessly. (Oooh look at me trying to be all Living etc.)

If I was that person that could do anything someone wanted and not try and do it my way, I could be an interior designer. But alas, in reality, every home would have to be like my dream one. So without further ado, here's five images that sum up my future humble abode... Note: all links to original posts are at the end! :)

001: The Conservatory: Not only will the entrance to my garden or balcony need plants but also some rustic cabinets and a cute rug. This photo with whitewash everything is the perfect backdrop to chuck loads of colour and kind of like bringing the greenery in.

002: The Kitchen: What can I say?? The tiles, the wooden work surfaces and even the freaking lightbulbs! No matter what size my future kitchen ends up being, I thing this would work perfectly to make the place brighter. And also THOSE WINDOWS.

003: The Reading Room: I'd LIKE to think I'd have my own reading room. With maybe some vinyls in the corner so I can play music if I wanted. I'd have the highest shelves just so I would need a fancy slidy ladder. Loads of blankets, cushions, comfy chairs and maybe a window seat if there's room for a nook.

004: The Minimal Ideal: If my place ends up smaller than I intended, I'd still have loads of white to make it look bigger. Those floorboards are a dream. Those chairs add a pretty pop of colour and the clothes rail is a dream. (Because I've seen it all over tumblr as well and it's perfect for encouraging a capsule wardrobe)

005: The showstopping plants: They say plants make a place look more welcoming and homely. I can't remember who said that exactly, but this kind of plant is the ONE plant I want as a center piece to my living room. of course with a cute little side table to sit by it with another little plant aw.

006: Picture links: Picture one / Picture two / Picture three / Picture four / Picture five

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  1. Ohh these are so stunning! I love trawling Pinterest for dream home inspo! xx


    1. I know! I couldn't resist putting them in a post! :)

  2. Amazing details!


  3. I'm addicted to pinterest at the moment, I've basically planned out my entire future on there - these photos are beautiful, definitely my style!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. saaame and I LOVE the way they always have lovely seasonal photos as well x

  4. I'd love to have a reading room as well! I might be moving soon and I'm already planning the perfect reading spot with a huge shelf for all of my books :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

    1. Ooooh I'm very jealous that sounds amazing already!! :o


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments! *all the hugs!*