The Best 3 Brands For A Capsule Wardrobe


Time to find those timeless pieces

Well, hit me with a sock and throw all the Lush products I own in a bath. It seems I unintentionally fell into creating a capsule wardrobe. It seems SUCH a blogger term. But when you get in the habit of buying bits here and there and then having a huge clear out of other old clothes you hardly wear anymore, you'll soon come to realise you kind of have a few favourites that you wear over and over again. And in different ways.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a few other bits (well quite a few) that I still wear occasionally, but I tend to reach for the same things anyway. Because I want to feel (1.) hip and cool like I'm going into a insta shoot at any moment and (2.) just reaaaallly comfy. So, I'm listing three brands - probably obvious to me and you - that I ALWAYS turn to and part with all my money for. These I swear by if you want to go for the same looks but mix it up...

001: Primark:
This one is no surprise to be honest. I think almost every blogger loves to shop here. And you can get amazing pieces for really cheap prices! I've seen a few videos floating around online and I didn't even realise you can get designer dupe key pieces for so much less from Primark. Whenever I go, it's usually around when the next season rolls around and I don't go crazy anymore. I pick out things that are different and I can see myself wearing with almost everything I own. See my recent haul here to see what I mean!

002: Lazy Oaf:
Duuuuhhh of course I would include one of my favourite ever brands! I don't go crazy, but every once in a while I indulge in a piece that is pretty versatile or I can see myself wearing almost all the time. I.e. causing me to downsize my wardrobe because I wear them SO MUCH. Like the cosy jumper I'm wearing in the pics above. Yes, it may be pricey, but you get great quality AND if you like things that are different from your average high street store, then this is up your street.

003: Zara:
Forget the women's section (though you can find amazing bits in there) it's all about the TRF section. Cool tees, jumpers and even jeans. Again, Zara are best at doing fashion differently. I could spend all my money in here but I can't. My favourite bits so far are the jeans pictured above, two graphic tees and the biggest cosiest jumper that screams hygge because it's so simple, oversized but has scandi like detailing on the front.

004: Other brands worth the buck:

  • Monki
  • Bershka
  • (Occasionally) Topshop - but they're pricey!
So there you have it, if you look for things that are versatile, yet different, it will make you want to wear them again and again and with EVERYTHING. And soon you'll be clearing out other bits that you never turn to. Cos' that's what's happened to me haha...

What are your favourite fashion brands?


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  1. I've asked for something from lazy oaf for christmas, I honestly love their stuff its just so pricey! Primark is always a great place to go too!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Awww I hope you get it! And it is! You got to love a primark voucher as a gift as well :) x


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