The Versatile Blogger Award


Oooh I've been tagged in something

Way back in 2014/15 when I was getting into my blog, I was getting tagged right, left and centre for blogger awards. I got confused, thought I won something but then realised it was even better! It was a tag you take part in by giving a few facts or answering questions and then tagging more people!

And now I've been tagged in something else wooo.

Thank you to Charlotte aka Charldee for tagging me in this! You should all go follow her because her blog is amazing. Anyways, this tag is all about listing seven facts about yourself. Just so you can get to know more about me. At the end I'll tag seven lovely bloggers who you should defo follow because they're incredible! <3

Sooo, here's the facts...

001: I have been blogging since 2014 (as I previously mentioned) and it's probably my favourite ever hobby. I've also met so many wonderful bloggers that I feel grateful that this hobby has allowed to do this.

002: This time of year is my favourite and I'm DYING to put up my decorations! Everything and anything to do with Christmas I am all over!

003: Aside from having a youtube channel myself, I am addicted to watching it. I have a little binge session every evening with a bit of chocolate and a coffee.

004: I am a hardcore Lushie and have been since around the same time as I started this blog. And now I work for the company and couldn't be happier!

005: I'm 20 years old but I still feel like I've just turned 17 and still in sixth form - even though I graduated two years ago omg.

006: I have a love affair with makeup and am ready to spend all my money on high end palettes. Hello Too Faced. (Also fyi I will part with £80 for Lazy Oaf faster than if I was offered £40 to spend in Topshop)

007: Nothing makes me happier than having a day out in Central London to take loads of pictures and then edit them when I get home. I just loving photography and editing to make them look better!

And I tag... Vicky - Lucy - Hayley - Paige - Jaye - Charlotte - Karolina


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  1. Thank you for tagging me in this Fran, I'm sure I'll get round to doing it at some point in the near future! Loved reading this and learning a bit more about you!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. That's ok! It was only right to tag my faves <3 and I'll look forward to seeing yours then xx


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