The Christmas Q&A


Answering your most festive questions

It's blogmas. I've never really done a Q&A on this blog, but during this seasonal time of year - how many times do I have to type this in every post haha - it was only right to mix it up a bit and write one on the blog. Rather than going straight to YouTube...

I asked you guys on instagram and twitter what you wanted to ask me that was related to this time of year, and you did not disappoint! This is going to be short and sweet, so I picked my favourites. So, if you're dying to know the answers then read on!

001: What's your favourite Christmas jumper you own? (Hayley)
Well, every Christmas jumper I own is from Primark. If you guys haven't seen my jumper collection then you probably wouldn't have seen the delight that is the pug jumper! It's fleecy inside, with a gorgeous mistletoe, candy cane and pug embellished on the front! Perfect for days out in the chilly city seeing all the pretty displays...

002: Which Christmas decoration do you feel most sentimental about? (Claire)
I don't have anything that I feel attached to as such, but we have a snowman and santa with dangly legs that always have a seat on the fireplace ledge. And seeing them there just makes me feel so festive and homely while the fire is on. Also every bauble we have on the family tree I have put on since I was tiny, so I guess those hold loads of fond memories.

003: What's your favourite festive treat? (Elena)
HANDS DOWN I will have to say for sweet the box of Cadbury Heroes is just heaven. You have twisted creme eggs, caramel, wispa, dairy milk. The works! Fyi read the post on festive chocs here. Savoury wise, Cheeselets. Otherwise known as Tree-selets during this season. They are sooo addictive you have no idea.

004: What is your decoration plan? (Shayne)
Everything cute and traditional to be honest. I love Scandi inspired things at the moment and the whole colour scheme of red, white and green. Look out for my room tour which is coming veeery soon this blogmas!

005: What's your favourite Christmas film? (Jasmine)
I have a whole host of favourites which I want to a post on but if I had to choose, it would be the Muppet's Christmas Carol. It was the first ever Christmas film I owned that I first had it on VHS and now on a DVD haha. It's hilarious and perfect viewing on a cold winter's day...

006: What's your Christmas Day routine? (Saira)
Take a deep breath, this is going to be long...

Well, firstly, I'm basically forever a five year old so I tend to wake up early excited. Then I go back to sleep, wake up, get ready (usually wear an xmas jumper), have coffee, do my makeup while my parents get ready and then we open presents. ALL THE PRESENTS!

After it's pretty chill as my parents start preparing for my family to come over (think cute dinner table set up and nibbles), so while that's happening I like to update my social media, take a few pics for my blog - i.e. what I got for xmas. Then, the family come round and chat and nibble on snacks while the main meal is on.

Then we eat till we're so full. Then the rest of the day is lounging around, chatting, eating selection box chocolate. I usually sneak off to have a Christmas bath around 6pm while the boring Strictly special is on. THEN the Doctor Who special is on! Always have to watch that! Then I eat more left over roast potatoes. The family leave and then we go to bed ready for a lazy Boxing Day. La fin.

How excited are you guys for Christmas?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx