My 'Getting In The Mood For Christmas' Pamper Routine


Relax in seasonal waters

Before the big day with family and friends, it's always good to take some me time and put it into your hectic schedule in between sorting out presents and eating all the snacks the season has to offer. You don't really need all that much to make it as Christmassy as possible all while relaxing and making sure you're feeling your best.

So, here's a few pointers and products you guys can add to your routine and self indulgent pre-Christmas shopping list...

001: Skin loving care: After taking off your makeup and cleansing your skin, the first thing you can do is treat your skin to a face mask. This is what every blogger and their dog tells you do in a pamper routine and I'm saying it here! It all depends on how you want to feel after but my current go to is Lush's Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask. Full of antibacterial fresh green grapes, tea tree and garlic, it's great at drawing out all the spots all the while leaving your skin feeling tip top.

002: Make a bubble kingdom: What's the next step? The ultimate pamper routine step! A bath! And what's a bath without bubbles? Not a bath. I guess. To feel festive, opt for Zoella's Merry and Bright bubble bath which creates heck loads of bubbles from a small amount and smells fresh but seasonal with cranberry, peony and mint. It's also in really beautiful packaging which I LOVE.

003: Feel celestial with a festive bath melt: Time to go that bit further with a bath melt... Choose Snow Angel from Lush which not only has plastic free glitter on, but also has rose absolute, benzoin resinoid and organic cocoa butter to smell a bit like marzipan. Ahhh luxury. PS. don't forget to play festive music while you soak in the suds.

004: What to do the rest of the evening: You've taken off your mask, had your favourite bath of the year, what to do next? Well, it's December. So why not watch some Vlogmas videos while eating selection box chocolate. Or paint your nails and make them sparkly ready for Christmas Eve. (Even though it's a bit early haha) Whatever you choose, enjoy it, because you deserve it.

What do you guys use for a pamper routine?


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