Three Christmas Movies I've Loved Since Childhood


Classics to love this season

Apart from the music, decorations, buying presents and all the fun things that come along with the season of cheer, there's one thing that just about tops it all. Christmas movies! Ones that are cheesy, funny and so festive that there's an unimaginable love for them. And I wanted to share with you guys the three movies I've loved since my childhood, watched on tv, had on VHS and DVD and have watched them every year up until this day. And will in the years to come haha. So here they are...

001: The Muppets Christmas Carol: This was the first Christmas movie that I first owned on VHS. The Muppets are for sure one of my favourites ever, and this is by far the one I love watching over and over again. It's soooo funny with Gonzo as Charles Dickens telling the story with Rizzo the rat, Kermit being Bob Cratchit and Micheal Caine as Scrooge. Plus the songs are amazing and my favourite is the first one haha.

002: The Polar Express: The second one that I owned myself  and the clue is the name when kids are taken on the express to the North Pole to meet Santa - I think they don't really believe in him so that's why they go. Nowadays it's not an immediate favourite to go to, but I still love it and when there's nothing on tv, there's nothing quite like popping it on and settling down to relax.

003: The Grinch: This one was always one of those films I LOVED but only watched it when it was on tv until I finally bought on DVD a couple of years back. Jim Carrey is amaaazing as The Grinch and Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who. I want to live in Whoville also just because they do Christmas so well haha. This is for sure a classic!

What are your fave childhood xmas movies?


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