Where To Walk Through A Winter Wonderland Of Displays In London


Get your camera at the ready kids

Every time November and December roll around, I get reaaally excited to see what Central London has to offer in terms of decorations and displays to celebrate Christmas. It's just something that to me, makes this time of year even more warming to the soul and more excited to spend money on loved ones. And also take cute photos of the city.

I thought I would compile a little list of places in London that you should totally tick off to see festive aesthetics that can help kill your instagram or blog. And even though I am typing this in November ready to schedule, I promise you, I've already visited just about all of these and they are top quality this year!

001: Carnaby Street: I had to firstly include the one pictured above. Because OMG. Just look how pretty it is this year!! SO PRETTY. It's the coolest carnival theme with so many colours, flowers and parrots. Not your typical festive aesthetic, but all of it together really cheers you up. Plus, it's already my favourite street and it's been made 1000% better! The perfect hideaway away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

002: Oxford Circus: But talking of OS... You can't not go here to see sooo many Christmas displays. And I'm kind of not soley referring to the same old lights that appear every year. I'm talking about shop and department store windows that are just beautiful. And every year I get excited to see what John Lewis and Selfridges have to offer up! Worth a visit - especially after 5pm when it's dark.

003: Covent Garden: My second favourite place in London. And I'm very glad they've stuck to the huge tree and mistletoe theme this year as it's probably one of my favourite displays of theirs. It's kind of hard to get really sick of it. Plus, while you're there taking photos, you can look at the shops and market to find lovely presents for family and friends...

004: Duke of York Square: After a cheeky trip to Peggy Porschen, you can always meander your way over to King's Road and Duke of York where they always have the biggest and prettiest Christmas trees. Right by the Saatchi gallery, these trees make perfect back drops for outfit photos or festive coffee cup photos. Plus, it's nice to sit on a bench, and maybe eat your lunch while surrounded by seasonal firs.

What are your favourite places to go in London for Xmas?


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  1. Anonymous18/12/17

    Walking through Carnaby street to get to work is such a good thing! I love all the decorations and the lights outside oxford circus station are a joy to see. I am not looking forward to them being taken down in the New Year!
    Lois x

    1. Me neither! But I am excited to visit that new Birchbox pop up next month!! Defo going to do a blog post and video on the mini haul :)

  2. This year was my first time in Carnaby Street, and I was amazed at the displays! So beautiful and colourful, it just maked me so happy just looking at it. Have you checked it out in the evening? It looks even better when the sky is pitch black!

    Julia x
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    1. Not yet! But maybe I’ll try to tomorrow while I’m out in central but I’m not sure yet :P


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