4 Tips On Having Your Own Successful Blogmas

by - 17.12.17

Kill it at the Blogmas game!

Hello, we are now on day seventeen and I'm typing this on the 15th November. Haha I'm so sadly super organised. (Watch me jinx myself haha) Buuuut, I really wanted to do Blogmas this year as well as doing Vlogmas on my days off. And how was I going to do that? Well, there was only one option...

To do it all the month before!! Then, it hit me like a ten tonne candy cane guys, why not share what I've done to make this a silky smooth Blogmas and give you guys a few tips as well. That's if you're thinking of attempting next year as we're nearly at the end of the countdown! So, read on if you want to be as speedy as me...

001: Write down all your post ideas up until the 24th! Of course you can change and adjust ideas as you go along, but knowing what you're going to be talking about every day puts a perspective on it all. From there, I can plan how I'm going to do the photos, buy the flatlay props - not that I had any lmao. And which post will be published on which day.

002: Bulk bank festive photos! Basically what I mean by this is have a day out in the most festive place and just take THOUSANDS of photos. You've probably noticed there's a few from my insta that just seemed perfect for what I want to talk about. Also, it helps to have a shooting day to get everything (or most things) done.

003: Tick off as you go! Aside from planning the posts, the next step is to start ticking it off. Therefore you feel you're achieving so much and getting it all done before the real fun begins! (I.e. promoting the posts and seeing the reactions wooo) What I do, is have all my post ideas on the notes app on my phone and have two emojis next to each post and the first one would be 'taken photo and on draft' and the second would mean 'scheduled/published'. So I know where I am! Plus, if they're festive emojis it makes it more fun!

004: Play some festive music! Last, but not really essential if you don't want to. But I find the most motivation for Blogmas comes from playing seasonal music. I'm talking Michael Buble and the whole of Now That's What I Call Christmas! album. Imagine writing loads of posts about everything festive with loads of music! Yep, I'm loving it too!

Are you guys attempting Blogmas?


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  1. I find writing a list to tick off is the most helpful thing ever! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. It really is even when you decide to do Blogmas as you go along the month of December, it’s just so helpful :)


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