The Seasonal Christmas Room Tour 2017


Making my room like the North Pole

I know I did a room tour last year, but I've bought a few new bits and bobs for my room since then and even got stuck in a bit of DIY. Ooooh. You guys probably recognise and few bits from the post I did here last month, and it only seemed right to show them off in their new home. My aim is to keep my room looking as traditional and novelty as possible. And I think I achieved it. Soo, with visuals, let's get into what seasonal touches I have added...

First up, let's take a moment for my new duvet cover. It's from ASDA and it only cost £13! What a bargain may I add and it looks sooo Scandi and wintery with a hint of Christmas. FYI I also have a vintage deer one with candy canes and tinsel on that I can't wait to put on my bed haha.

I also have added my cute gingerbread man tea light holder to my shelves which should be adorning my Yankee Candle advent calendar candles BUT I took these pics last month so it's holding a fake one at the moment. But aw aw look at him. There's also more candy canes on my tree along with my new nutcrackers and gingerbread biscuit style baubles. I've never seen it so traditionally festive in my life. I LOVE IT.

And it's all topped off with the 20 year old angel that my mum gave me. Might have had to sellotape the wings on but she looks so perfect gracing the top. And lastly, not forgetting the bottom! I wrapped up loads of empty boxes in last year's left over wrapping paper (and new for this year) to kind of cover the legs as I couldn't be bothered to get a tree skirt. I think it finishes it off and makes me look like I have more friends than I have haha.

 How have you guys decorated your room/space?


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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx