Moving Into Spring With This Cosy Af Lazy Oaf Piece


And feeling pretty in colours

A few days ago I made an impulse purchase. And it was on this pastel rainbow cardigan from Lazy Oaf. I have a number or reasons - or excuses if you want to use that word to why I needed to part with my money for this. (a.) I wanted a cardigan that wasn't black and (b.) I wanted a cardigan that was from Lazy Oaf.

This piece was out of stock for ages, and when it came back in, I knew I NEEDED it in my life. £75 later, it was on its way to me woooo.

If you know me really well from reading my blog, then you'll know I would sell my soul to have my whole wardrobe Lazy Oaf. But, I'm happy to just have a few pieces. And when this arrived, I fell in love with it all over again.

My whole aesthetic is basically pastel colours and pink so not only will this cardigan go with everything I own but it'll also look super cute in ootd pics lmao. The material itself is a chunky knit without feeling too heavy and suffocating, so perfect for this time of year and Spring. (Imagine this being the centre piece of a Spring outfit omg)

There's also a little patch heart on one side which adds a nice little trademark LO detailing. There's nothing on the back of the cardigan, so it's a much simpler design to the BORING rainbow cardigan and the ALL THE PROBLEMS black one that I have.

I basically just wanted to create a post to share some pics with you guys, and tell you how much I'm obsessed with it already haha. Also, when this post is published, I strongly recommend you guys to order it as well if it's right up your street... Now Lazy Oaf S/S 18 come at me!

Have you guys got any favourite pieces from LO?


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  1. This cardigan is everythinggg!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. It actually is! I've worn it almost every day since I got it in the post haha


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