Eight Things I Want To Get Up To In June


Living the summer life (finally)

Hellooooooo. Ya girl is off for two weeks now and it's the beginning of June woo. (Let's ignore the fact that we're halfway through the year already meh.)

I was pretty crap at updating my blog last month - let's be honest. But, I've been super busy with work and I've just run out of steam really. I think almost everyone feels this way at some point, but I feel so much better, and a new month means a fresh chance to get my blogging game back on!

And making this post an excuse to update you guys on what I want to get up to in my two weeks AAAND the whole month... Sooo, here's eight things I really want to do - the beach pic will be relevant I promise!!

001: keeping up with my exercises to be super healthy:
I recently started doing some exercises in the mornings to kickstart my day (in my house because I'm not down for that gym life) and add to my whole 'be more healthy' vibe. So far it's making me feel so much happier in myself and refreshed and I just want to keep it up.

002: have the best time in brighton with my friend:
Me and one of my closest friends are going to Brighton for two days - see that pic is relevant! - and I just want to forget about keeping up with my youtube and blogging and just soak up those days. I hope we can do crazy golf, have our usual photobooth session and eat our weight in food.

003: catch up with all my other friends:
My other friends have also finished uni, sooo I want to make these two weeks and the whole of June the time to catch up with everyone. I'm hoping for cute lunches out and great adventures while having aaaall the chats!

004: get on the bandwagon of creating healthy smoothies:
Last year I was obsessed with a blueberry smoothie, so I want this summer to be the season for creating all the smoothies. Especially with strawberries - and maybe mango - because they are legit my faves at the moment...

005: finally make that glossier order:
I keep meaning to buy the mascara and powder, but have never got round to it. Now that I've got paid, I need to do it! Especially since I'm off and have time to test and write up about these products. Aaaand you guys keep telling me how good the brand is.

006: be super self indulgent with my lush baths:
I bought loads more bath bombs last week, and I feel like I've really slacked on my pretty bath art baths. Soooo, this is the time to get those in - as well as getting the top grams for my lush account haha.

007: get through my 'to read' pile of books:
There's A LOT of books to get through that I've impulse purchased. Hey, at least it's not alcohol. And because I have more free time, I just want to get down and enjoy them! And work my way towards my reading challenge goal!

008: catch up with orange is the new black:
I've seen the first three seasons, but the lastest I haven't seen yet. Oops. So now I have more time and have finished Riverdale and Jane The Virgin, it's time to get on that bandwagon again and catch up. In case the next one comes out soon...

What goals do you have for June?


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  1. I wish I had the motivation to get up in the morning and do a workout but I well and truly suck at it!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Awww it’s so good though! I actually look forward to doing it after my coffee and then I feel super energised for the day :) x


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