Album of the Month: Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira


When I first heard of Sky, all I knew was that she was a model. Then a couple of months ago I found out she was a singer, and then went on to listen to some material. Amazing. To say I was looking forward to her debut is an understatement, I was so stoked that I made a playlist of her songs on YouTube and consistently played them.

Night Time, My Time is like an experiment of riffs, beats and sweet vocals mashed together. And it has gone right. There are argueably elements of grunge sown into the music. Songs like 'Omanko' and 'Kristine' emulate that vibe. While 'Everything is Embarrasing' and 'You're Not The One' feels like catchy 80's music with a modern twist.

Sky has certainly made an impression on tumblr with the grunge side blogging pics of her featuring her lyrics. Recently she has appeared in numerous magazines. (Company Magazine in my photos) She has also toured with Miley Cyrus. And she is on the rise.

Big things are sure to come to Sky Ferreira and I hope to see her on her own tour!


Want a taste of her record? Here are three songs you should listen to:
• 24 Hours
• You're Not The One
• Kristine


For fans of: Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey

*Creds to Company Magazine for the photos of Sky*

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