#OOTD at the UCAS Fair


Today was the day I went to that UCAS fair I mentioned in my last post, and I was bored and I didn't want to be there. But it was a good place to shoot my ootd. :)

The dress code was casual and that made me happy, so I threw on the high-waisted shorts I live in now and a vest with the Damien Hurst skull on. Which is on of my fave pieces that I own, and I'll be wearing the shorts more and more. (Oh dear) The weather was nice and mild, and that allowed me to feel comfortable and summery. I also paired my gladiator like gold sandals with the outfit as they highlighted the gold buttons on my shorts. Also, my friend made me this cool bracelet that's in trend and it's colourful and pretty. It kind of reminds me of the colourful heart bracelet that Jared Leto wore in 2010/11. 

May I also note that chokers are in trend... I've seen a load of girls wearing them today, yes they look cool and I do want one but I don't want to follow the crowd. But I might just contradict myself and get one anyway haha. If you know where they're sold, do comment below!


High-Waisted Shorts / New Look - £14.99
Damien Hurst Vest / Yococo Camden - £12
Bag / Peacocks - £12-£14
Sandals / gift
Bracelet / homemade gift

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  1. Great post:)
    Following you now,hope you'll do the same!:**
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. aww thank you and your blog looks awesome :)

      do you have a bloglovin' account, because I can follow you on that :)


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