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This morning, I was lucky enough to pop to town and splash the cash in various stores. (i.e. Lush, Superdrug and River Island.) I'm so excited and happy about how efficient my shopping was that I just have to show you guys and give a mini low-down on what the products are. Not a review as such as I've not used the Lush products yet - except the Brightside version of the The Comforter Bubble Bar. (And I was aiming to look after my skin more) So here goes... *lets out an excited squeal*

Omg the smell and what a dream it is to hold. The Comforter Bubble Bar smells so fruity and just like Ribena and feels soft to the touch. It's a perfect treat if you've been on a long outing and just want to relax in a bath. (Yeah, I'm thinking about the days out at the end of this week!) Amazing value at £4.50, it can last up to 4 baths, but with the Brightside one, I used it for two haha. Containing Cypress Oil and blackcurrants, it should create a 'comforting aroma'. Yay. And it also makes the water silky soft, which is one of the reasons why I love the Bubble Bar, so I can't wait to see how this one turns out!

I want to sing praises for this face mask! It's the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask, and just amazingly natural and can work it's wonders. When I went into Lush, the sales assistant demonstrated this face mask to me on my arm with it's hydrating properties. All you do is leave it for 10 minutes then massage it into your skin, then rinse, and my arm has never felt softer and after four hours, it's still soft and smells great. It's worth seven face masks and the best thing is that you keep it in the fridge, so it stays fresh for 28 days. Ingredients include fresh seaweed from Poole Harbour in Dorset with almonds and aloe vera - so it's all vegan and natural. Perfect for hydrating my skin and feeling all summery with the seaweed.

As it's the summer, and I needed new sunglasses that were stylish, I went into River Island to the see the range. Aside from all the other sunglasses that made me look like a designer wannabe or a granny trying to look trendy, I found these! It's a perfect shape and fits nicely on my face with a rounded frame and bang on trend. I think River Island's quality of glasses for this sort of shape is just right compared to others where it was just round lenses and I looked like Ozzy lol.

I also managed to get a lip gloss from Tanya Burr's collection in Superdrug. Hurrah! In the shade 'Afternoon Tea' it looks so pretty and a lovely mix between nude and pink. (I won't go into too much detail because I want to do a separate post on this.)

The little pot is a sample I got for donating £1 to a charity that Lush sponsors, it's called a Charity Pot and is a Hand and Body Lotion made of natural oils. Perfect for carrying in my handbag - which I'm going to do. So, a good day for getting accessories and make-up. :)

Now, this is something I'm excited to use - indeed! It's the Big Blue bath bomb and contains sea salt and seaweed with lavender and lemon oil. I want to use this after a day at the seaside where I'm in the mood or when I'm craving the beach. Smelling this brings back images of Brighton where I have fond memories of the sea and pier, and I just love the atmosphere and shops, even though it's expensive. I also think it's really pretty with the blue, white and hints of yellow, so I'm stoked that I bought it.

Described as like a marshmallow like fluffy texture, I agree, as the sample in the shop felt so light that I fear I'll go through it like a lawnmower. But once you add the water when shaving, it'll be fine. It does smell of strawberries, but it's not overpowering which is what I like - it's nice to smell fruity but not like a walking fruit. I've always used shower gel, so I'm looking forward to seeing how an actual shaving soap treats my legs. (It's been said your legs feel like silk... hmm...) It's new on the Lush market and made with free range eggs, so that sounds like a natural goody to me and a nice pamper session for my skin.

Lastly, I bought a Butterball which consists of vanilla extracts and other natural oils and ingredients. I'm trying to experience all the bath bombs and ballistics in-store and as the cheapest and smallest, it was the first one on my list. Said to soften the skin, I can't wait to treat my skin and I'm planning to use this if I feel a needed pamper session with a book or TV show ready to watch on my iPod. And essentially, forget about the world.

If you ever pop to Lush, try these and others as I swear no matter what you try, it's all natural and good for the skin! Also, if you've used any of the ones I've bought, comment what they're like so I have a second opinion. :)


The Comforter Bubble Bar / Lush - £4.50
Leopard Print Rounded Sunglasses / River Island - £10
Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion Sample / Lush - £1
Big Blue Bath Bomb / Lush - £3.25
Butterball Bath Ballistic / Lush - £2.50

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