Urban Outfitters Trip!


Yesterday, I popped up to Oxford Street in London and I had an amazing day. I was enthralled by the inside of Urban Outfitters as I think it's the most amazing and unique shop there, so I had to take some pictures and make a blog post!

You could say the clothes are modern, yet a nod to vintage and urban, and I wanted to splash my cash so badly. (But I came for a book that wasn't even there!*) Not only do they sell clothes, there are an array of arty and coffee table books as well as a home section and gifts. They also sell those hipster polaroid cameras for £90!

I particularly fell in love with the decor and how it was all set out. *wood and all omg* The lights by the stairs were massive and looked very cool. There's about five floors packed with stuff and near the top there's an Urban Renewal section, where it's all second hand and vintage - I got so excited that I started planning outfits in my head with what I saw. Though I would probably have to take a mortgage out to buy it all. *sigh*

UO is now one of my fave shops on Oxford Street to visit, even if you don't have the money. It's certainly a feast for the eyes. I also added in my #ootd at the end which I took in a mirror, hehe hey there! :)

have a good day guys xx


*I was looking for It by Alexa Chung and UO sell it but it wasn't there so if you see it somewhere in London, please tell me!

What I wore:
Kurt Cobain Top / Electric Ballroom in Camden - around £10
High Waisted Shorts / New Look - £14.99
Shoes / New Look - £10
Bag / gift
Loom band / gift

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx