I was scrolling through my camera roll recently, and saw a few nice photos that I haven't shared with you guys that were originally for my instagram. So, I thought as a little filler before the big day tomorrow, I'll go through some of my faves. (There is a big pattern that is a clue to tomorrow's post - comment below if you have an idea!)

Ah, Choccywoccydoodah! One of my favourite shops in Brighton and omg look at the window! It has cute dinosaurs! Though broke at the time, I really wanted to buy a bar as it looked so good and the shop gives off an amazing aroma. Definitely one to visit for the unique chocolate fix, there's also a cafe upstairs, but I think you have to book in advance because it was roped off and there was a clipboard next to the stairs... :/

Heavenly face masks in Lush have such a huge photogenic quality that a photo is required. This was for my insta, bc it was so pretty, and would have looked pretty random in a previous post. As you know, I'm currently using the BB Seaweed face mask and holy moly is it good! My face has never felt softer, and I love how there are actual bits of seaweed in the mixture. (I'm planning to try the Cosmetic Warrior next - pictured - as I'm having a mini break out ugh)

One of my fave fashion stores which are pricey! This was from the Covent Garden store and I loved the neon sign so... *snap snap* I've only made one purchase which was the canvas bag - £32? It's spacey and worth it though my parents had a go at me and I felt a little guilty but oh well. I was lucky to find out I wasn't too curvy to fit into the clothes, though I am a large in them, I was really happy. :)

ps. Helen from MelonLady is helping me to be happy with myself with her beautiful curvy fashion posts - so check her out!

Hehe, we all knew that a starbucks post would eventually pop up. This photo was created with demanding my friend to put her starbucks next to mine to create a hipster shot. I have actually been having less frapps recently as I am currently loving the Orange Refresha which contains green tea. Mmm so good and I sound so healthy.

Featuring my American Apparel canvas bag, jellies, iPod and sunglasses. This was for a trip to a seaside town which I was going to blog about, but turned out to be so uneventful that it wasn't even worth the energy going there. On my iPod is The 1975, who I've done a post about, and will a do a review on their album now that I've got the CD. Sad new about my jellies, I got blisters the first day I wore them and had to mount a load of plasters to stop the pain - the price you pay for fashion sigh. But my sunglasses are my fave and I wear them all the time yay.

Pizza is life and will never let you down. Enough said. (This was taken in the dissapointing seaside town and was hidden so well that I nearly missed it. You've got to love Pizza Express!)

Drop Dead looked so cool from the outside and when I went to Oxford Street, I just had to visit. Basically it's a business owned by the lead singer from Bring Me the Horizon and the clothing line is a mix of dark and light themes. They're currently selling an Itchy and Scratchy line which looked so cute but wouldn't suit me with the styles. :(

Lastly, Brighton ice cream! This little shop is the holy grail of all ice cream in the area and you can guess which one I had... clue: it was a finalist in a competition. I can't wait to go back and have more omg.

So there is a sneak peek of the kinds of photos I take on a day to day basis if I'm out or at home. Any fave places or things you love to share on instagram? Comment below as I would love to know!

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Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx