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In celebration of Marina and the Diamonds releasing her new song "FROOT" last Friday, I've decided to review her latest album 'Electra Heart'. If you saw my other review on her debut, which you can see here, you would probably notice that her style of music has very much changed. You could easily say it's bubblegum pop with this one, which is how Marina describes it herself as right from the first song, "Bubblegum Bitch" it's fast paced and catchy.

Marina bases this album around a character, Electra Heart, who has many archetypes which are Teen Idle, Beauty Queen, Homewrecker and Housewife. (Slap me if I've missed out any because I'm supposed to be a big fan haha) Each song reflects an archetype and the most obvious ones are "Homewrecker" and "Teen Idle". I love how honest her lyrics always are and the music throughout is catchy, though the last song is slow but sounds really positive. The songs talk about women's position in society with Su-Barbie-A (Suburbia), love and power inverted roles. The lyrics are so beautiful:

Don't wanna live in Fear and Loathing
I want to feel as if I am floating
Instead of constantly exploding

 Even though she never reached really high in the charts, I think with this album, she is gaining recognition. If you look at her music videos on YouTube, she has probably has over 200,000,000 on all the Electra Heart video views put together. Though what has got on my nerves really, is that all these grunge blogs on Tumblr have taken photos and lyrics from the album and have made them 'grunge'. So everyone thought she was grunge when she wasn't, but aside from that, I think it's equally as brilliant as her last. Yes, the vocals aren't as raw, but fit in wonderfully, and I think her voice has improved. To be sold, you just have to listen to the album as I can't put into words anymore how much this album is epic. (I basically fell in love with her and her music with this album)

When you can, check her out and make sure to listen to her new song, which is even more amazing and different from 'Electra Heart' (Who she had to kill off at the end of the era with the song "Electra Heart" - and everyone thought she died but it was the character haha):

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  1. 'Hollywood' has been really popular in Germany. But she surely deserve a lot more recognition. I love Marina & the diamonds. It's so true what you say about her lyrics!
    In 2012 I've been to one of her concerts. Absolutely amazing! xx

    1. so lucky, I want to see her live and I can't wait for her album it sounds amazing so far :)


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