The Much Needed Beauty Splurge


*excuse the bad quality pics, but in the UK we turned our clocks back and now we're in the dark ages even earlier*
Today I went on a nice solo shopping spree to get some essentials which not only included these beauties but also headphones and a witch stick. (But those ones aren't important to rave about) It was nice to go on my own as I was on a little mission to get these products, and I could get it done quickly - then relax in Starbucks haha.

Firstly, I was in desperate need of getting some new make-up brushes as my current ones were falling apart and becoming rough. I popped into TK Maxx to see what they had as they usually have good deals on brands and I found these three brushes. They immediately reminded me of the Real Techniques brushes with the style and colours (so beautiful). I got the blusher brush, eyeliner brush and eyeshadow brush, and the last two came together in a box. They were both £5.99 and that is quite a saving as the real brushes are basically £12.99 for one. All three brushes are so soft that I couldn't stop stroking them when I opened the boxes, so I'm very pleased with what TK Maxx offered, I'm starting to love that place again.

I naughtily treated myself to two Bourjois lipsticks for the colder months as I wanted something more natural and Autumnal. I picked up Violine Strass and Rose Tweed as part of the Rouge Edition collection, and let me tell you all, I have never been happier to spend money on a pricier brand. (My excuse? They were on offer so how often can I treat myself to essentials like these?) The lipsticks on application are gorgeous and feel moisturising to the touch, each are lovely and pigmented and apply really well. I've been wearing Rose Tweed for an hour now and it hasn't dried my lips yet, bonus! I've only had these for an afternoon, but I can honestly say these will be my staple for the forthcoming months as they give a nice shine and I think they are actually better than the Clinique ones I have. *shocker*

All these products were certainly worth it and I would recommend these 1000 times over, so treat yourself, hunt these down and enjoy the luxuries. 


i for beauty make-up brushes / TK Maxx - £5.99 each
Boujois Rouge Collection lipsticks / Boots - £7.99 each

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