5 Reasons Why I Love Brighton


It doesn't even matter if you're going to Brighton in February, because it's the place to be at all times of the year. I generally love Brighton and have been going there since I was little, and in April I went and took these lovely photos. There's so much to do, the area is so so nice and there are many opportunities to stuff yourself with fish and chips, ice cream and cake haha. Before I start rambling on, here are 5 reasons why I love the place:

The Pier:
You can't have the full Brighton experience without the pier, there's an arcade, food stalls, a fun fair with rollercoasters and games. It's so fun and an ideal place to head to first when you're with family or friends. It's also pretty beautiful and I love the view of the wheel from there. I usually go for the rides and my stick of rock, because how can you leave without a stick of rock?

The Lanes:
There is a reason why Brighton is known for their lanes, and it's a good'un. Apart from the large numbers of jewelry shops, there are cute independent and well known shops as well as the posher end ones. These include Cath Kidston, Jack Wills, Lush, Choccywoccydoodah, and Angel Bakery. I love Choccywoccydoodah so much, not that I've bought anything from there, thanks parents, but I love the smell and atmosphere in the shop. Lush is my life, and I love browsing Cath Kidston to look at the cute patterned products. So worth a trip to pick up a couple of treats for yourself.

Boho Gelato:
Brighton is the only location to have this cute little ice cream shop. They do the most amazing flavours and the shop itself is so cool, I did a post on it here. The cups are so cute and the actual ice cream is moreish and authentic. The picture above shows a limited edition chocolate caramel biscuit ice cream nom nom. Instead of getting the traditional style, go here, it's just by the entrance closest to the pier to the lanes.

Brighton has the best cake shops ever, as you can see there are so many types and they all look delicious. There is also an amazing tea shop that makes tea smoothies and cute independent cafe's that sell the best flavours. Mmm, let me get them all!! Plus you have the usual Nando's and Pizza Express and all the popular restaurants which are so good.

The Atmosphere:
I prefer Brighton to Eastebourne as I feel the atmosphere is unique and more exciting. Other seaside locations just have a town centre and boring pier. There is so much to do in Brighton and it's all so relaxing, I love it, I just want to live here and soak it up daily.

I know this post wasn't persuasive, as I just wanted to list what I loved about the seaside city. But if you are sold by my pictures and descriptions and live in England, please do go and visit. :)

See you tomorrow with another festive post woop woop.


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