Christmas Coffee: Mini Fiction | Part Two


 Hola guys! Here's the second part of my three part festive fiction and I hope you enjoyed the previous part. May I add that none of the photos in this series are mine, they're all from weheartit. Anyway, enjoy the second part and come back soon to see the last part. Sorry, this part is vague and short, I just wanted to get the second part out - I'm no professional at writing pages and pages haha. xx
Snuggled under my duvet with the fairy lights on, my Yankee candles all lit and my fake fire humming in the background. (My room came with an empty fireplace when I moved in three years ago, so my Dad fitted in a fake fire - cool right?) I've got the TV on, but as I flick aimlessly through, there's nothing festive or happy on. Take one channel for example, it's all A&E shows and stupid cowboy films, what happened to putting cheery films on in December? I sigh and look out of the window and watch sheets of white snow rushing down through the wind and coating the houses and gardens like sugar. At least it's snowing, that's one good thing for Britain. I crawl off my bed and begin to hunt in my DVD box under the TV. I need a good Christmas film, and then I pull out Elf and grin. Perfect. I take out the disc and put it into the player, I then jump back into my bed and press play. What a perfect weekend.
-- Part Two --
The Middle
 "Ok love, will you get the vegetables, roast potatoes and the cakes. Oh, and the crackers and I'll get the turkey, wrapping paper, drinks and snacks." Mum says as we enter the supermarket and gives me a list. We part ways and I head over towards the fruit and veg. It's the 14th, and Mum is deciding to get all the ingredients and food for Christmas Day. A normal person would probably hate the food side of Christmas shopping and stress out about what to serve family. But I love it, and I want to make this year one of the best I think as I put a pack of brussel sprouts in my basket. These green things are only legal at the festive season, any other time is a no no. I saunter over to the potatoes and put a pack of them in as well.
So far, December has been crazy, I stressed over my History coursework and was practically close to tears. But luckily I got through it and will hopefully get a good grade. Laura is dragging me out again later to get presents for her family, but I don't mind really as we're going to get Starbucks. (Note: That's how you bribe me. Starbucks coffee.)
As I get close to the cakes and mince pies, I get a waft of baking bread. Mmm, I love the smell of fresh bread in the supermarket. Strange but it's so good. I look around and to my right is a huge table piled with mince pies, Christmas cupcakes and cakes. I get a couple of boxes of mince pies, a large chocolate cake with icing in the shape of a Christmas pudding on top. We do this every year, me and Mum get a large chocolate cake for the big day and all the family comes together and digs in. This year, my three cousins, and my aunties and uncles are coming over, and my brother Jake is coming down from Reading Uni. I can't wait to see him.
I return to Mum who's browsing the Christmas cards. "Thanks love" she says as I show her what I got.
"You're welcome" I reply and we head over to the check out.
We return home and while Mum unpacks, I go into the living room where everywhere screams Christmas. We have a 6ft Christmas tree packed with tinsel, baubles and lights. Lights and tinsel everywhere and cute little festive decorations like a reindeer on the side table. I switch on the TV and put it on MTV where they're playing Christmas songs. (finally) I get out my iPad to browse for Laura's presents - because it would be awkward buying them in front of her right? Grabbing the throw on the sofa arm, I settle down and start shopping.
Around half nine, I get a text from Laura asking when I'm leaving. I quickly reply back 'Leaving in a minute xx' We don't live far away from each other, so I can just get ready now. I get up from the sofa after ordering her present, and go up to my room and stuff my purse and phone in my bag. (Note: It was a NARS palette)
"Bye Mum!" I call to the kitchen as I open the front door.
"Bye! Have fun today, and say hi to Laura for me." she calls back.
"Sure!" I reply and head out. The air is quite nippy and it feels cold enough to snow again. The last storm melted quickly which made me sad, but I'm hopeful for a heavier one, I really want a white Christmas, and I'm clinging onto the hope that it might be this year.
I hurry over to Laura's and she swings the door open as soon as I come to the front door - she saw me through the front window, she's not psychic.
"Yes! You're here, ok, let's go!" Laura exclaims before I have time to say hi and even set foot in her house. She hauls her bag over her shoulder and comes out. "Ooh, it's chilly" And wraps her scarf more tightly round her neck.
"How was the rest of your week?" I ask as we start heading into town.
"It was good, my little brother found the X Box my mum got him, so she kind of got mad and he cried. But apart from that, it was good, just a load of coursework." she says. "You?"
I launch into my story about what we're planning to do for Christmas. She listens and nods, and then as usual starts complaining about her family and their plans. Luckily, I have trained my brain to zone out but nod at the right moments. Don't get me wrong, I love Laura but her negative rants can get a bit too much sometimes.
We get into town and pop into Starbucks for lunch. I get a cheese and ham toastie and a Gingerbread latte. Laura then settles down by the window and immediately takes out her phone and starts checking Instagram.
"I'm waiting for that picture!" she jokes.
"Haha very funny!" I reply as I obediently snap my lunch and upload it. She likes it as soon as it goes on.
It's relaxing sitting in the warmth as my frozen hands get warmer as I clutch my cup and sip the drink. I look outside after what feels like half an hour and to my amazement, it's snowing again. Yes. It's billowing down heavily as shoppers and business people battle their way through, while holding tight to bags and briefcases.
I go into a daze while watching the snow settle like sugar on the ground. I presume the ground is cold enough for it as there's already an inch forming.
"C'mon" Laura says as she gulps down the last bits of her coffee, grabs her bag and hauls on her coat. I mumble an 'ok' and instinctively wrap my coat round me tighter, as I reluctantly get up from my warm spot and head out after her.
Laura makes her way straight to the MAC counter in House of Fraser and starts browsing the eye shadows.
"Who are you getting these for?" I ask while testing a shimmery night sky blue.
"Myself" she says.
"What about the presents?"
"I'll get my sister a couple of lipsticks, I need a good eye shadow palette for the Christmas week" she says dismissively.
"Oh, ok" I say and start looking at a nice cranberry red. I sign internally as this is such a typical move for Laura to get something new just for Christmas week. "But what about that nice glittery palette from Sleek you got for the day."
All she says is "Too cheap" and then disappears. I realize she's getting an assistant to get the colors and packaging. There's no point stopping her as she's so stubborn, so I give up.
Soon we leave with Laura happily carrying a MAC bag with four eye shadows for herself and two lipsticks for her sister. We then both trek around the local shopping centre picking out beauty boxes, gifts and little stocking fillers for everyone - thankfully Laura's splurge only lasted in MAC. But I sneakily got a couple of Christmas Lush products. (It was only fair) We finish up by three o'clock and start to head home, we part ways and I get home by half three and sigh happily as I get through the door. Today was really successful and I reward myself by ordering some pizza.

 In the evening, I'm snuggled amongst my blankets, with the fairy lights on again. I've got my Christmas book and hot chocolate and I read into the night. Next week is Christmas and I can't wait, I've wrapped all my presents for my family and friends. This year has been the best so far I think, as I listen to the muffled silence of the snow falling which has been going on all day. (Fingers crossed for at least 6 inches!)
 -- End of Part Two --

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