My Excitement Might Be Too Much For This Blog!


Hello guys, I am currently writing this with a stomach full of butterflies. And no I'm not nervous for anything, but you can probably guess by the title and picture that I am super excited. And this is not just another post about ways to enjoy Christmas and embrace the spirit, I'll let the Scrooges carry on... But I want to say how excited I am, as this is my little space on the internet after all.
I break up on Friday for the Christmas holidays and the next day will be kicked off with Winter Wonderland. Yes, I am going to the most amazing place in London for Christmas with my friends. I'm in the mind set that it will be the pre-Christmas Day Day. (If that makes any sense haha) And I can't wait yay, and this picture I found on tumblr perfectly sets the scene, though I am going during the day to avoid the worst of the crowds. And of course, I am planning a post on it with pictures of the sign, churros, food, markets and more.
And that leads smoothly onto the most exciting part, I have so many ideas planned for this blog! I'm trying to figure out if I want a new theme or a new header for the New Year, so while that's under way, I am going to share with you all an exclusive list of the potential posts you might see popping up over the holiday:
- A lovely post of my decorations: probably Monday
- Christmas Eve pics
- My presents
- Hopefully a cute Christmas themed baking recipe
- OOTD with my beautiful gingerbread Christmas jumper
Now my excitement is exploding through the roof, I don't think I can cope. I honestly think this year might be the best Christmas holiday ever - well, apart from all the mock exam revision ew.
I'll see you all later with a cute DIY post - ooh you lucky people.

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  1. I'm so excited for Christmas. I've never been to Winter Wonderland even though I live in London.

    1. Me neither, it's on my bucket list though, and I can't wait to finally tick it off :)


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