The Mini Christmas Lush Box


Hola guys xx

This was one of the two little Lush gift boxes I got for Christmas and contains two Christmas products: Shoot for the Stars and Cinders. I was quite excited to use them. (As always because what beauty addict doesn't?) As you can see, they came wrapped in lovely star patterned paper. (Yay) And I thought it looked very pretty. You can probably guess which was the most exciting product - yup Shoot For the Stars. If you go on my tumblr here, you can see I uploaded a photo set of it fizzing and in honesty, it felt like I was bathing in a galaxy. Think, dark blue, pink, green and a bucketful of glitter.

Sadly, I can't look up the ingredients as they've disappeared from the site but I can tell you, they smell like Christmas. Especially the Cinders one, which was spicy, but as it was smaller, I feel like it didn't do much. I hope Lush make it bigger next year. It also wasn't as exciting as it just made the bath yellow.

I can't wait to purchase Shoot For The Stars again, and I wish it was sold all year round because it was one of the best bath bombs I've had. Period. When Lush bring out their products again in October, you guys must try it! Overall, it was an amazing gift, and I'm happy I got to try these as I never got round to buying any more Christmas products. *sad face* At least I'm stocked up for the time being, but my products are going fast haha. They're so so good!

Til next year then. :)

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  1. I got the cinders one in the lush set i got for chrsitmas... ive already used it... its so so lovely!! nothing beats a lush bath! id love it if youd comment back xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx