4 Misconceptions We Have About Bloggers


-- The myths are now sussed but I can't
stop lusting after blogger's lives --
As bloggers, and readers, we are taken in by the world of products, promotions, opinions and even travel blog posts. All this mashed into one exciting ball is bloglovin', and I have to admit it's hard to understand that all these blogs that I follow, or at least a majority are writing for a living. This is what this post is about, I just can't get out of my head that these blogger's lives aren't perfect and they worked well damn hard for where they are now. These are just a few misconceptions that I have thought and discovered are totally not true, and maybe you guys can relate as well.
It's all about the freebies:
Sure, bloggers get gifted products to review or to trial, but it's never always about that. When I came into blogging, I wasn't for that, and I found that all the popular blogs aren't for that either. Yes they are lavished with gifts all the time, but they wouldn't accept something without thinking it would appeal to the readers and fit their blogging niche. I've certainly opened my eyes and looked past the mask of blogging and really, it's down to the writing skills and presentation that gets you far and not how much you get for free.
Bloggers are piled with opportunities:
I've seen many blogs that talk about being asked to got to LA, Disney Land, Harry Potter and even go backstage at major events. They look amazing and so much fun, but what made me realize how these bloggers got to that stage was through their work and getting the message out there to big audiences. And there can be weeks or months when they get nothing, so maybe it isn't all plain sailing...
It's easy to manage a blog full time:
Two words: blogging analytics. Before I joined blogger, I didn't know what they were, but now I understand why blogging is a job. To get that cash in, you need a huge amount of traffic, and with each post that goes up, you need to get it out there with loads of social interaction. And then you need to be a business person and reply to company emails and sort out your finances. So really, it's a long haul of office work and looks a little hard, as the amount of traffic is basically your income.
It's easy for them to stand out and be them:
No it isn't. There's so many popular blogs jostling for the top spot. And I've seen on some blogs they do multiple drafts of the same post before they think it's right. It's actually based on your writing and how your reader can relate to you, and it takes a lot of preparation and hard work.
 Have a good day guys xx

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  1. This is all so true! Most bloggers, especially those doing it for a living, are extremely hard working people and are not in it just for the freebies, although they are a bonus. x


  2. This is so true. As someone who has been lucky enough to get a few 'freebies' you really have to work for it, then put a lot of effort into reviewing and presenting the product so it's not really free haha! And it is really hard to stand out from the crowd, as there are so many amazing blogs!


    1. I'm glad you can relate, and I know, it's really hard, but I'm just here for the ride :) x


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