Disappointing Products


-- Please stay away from these products 
I am warning you --

Normally, I'm easily pleased with a product and will go to all lengths to tell everyone how good it is. From product reviews and commenting on posts about my much loved. Now and then, there's a product I get that I'll think I'll love, and then the balloon of excitement and happiness about how amazing it will work pops. These are the main three products that brought my excitement down like a lead balloon, and I know what you're thinking when you stare in confusion at the photo above. Benefit?! Yep...

I got the Benefit They're Real! Eyeliner for free with ELLE, and I was all for it. I got home ready to apply the strongest cat flick known to any blogger. Then it went wrong. I opened it up to find a nib and a hole, I pushed it out as instructed then applied. I didn't understand it, the pictures in ELLE looked perfect yet mine was all over the place and it kept running out every few seconds. I did do a review on it here, and I admitted to you guys the disaster I endured. I tried to use it again after that... no... just no. Me and the Benefit eyeliner will be forever friends in a feud. Sorry.

Barry M, please just stick to what you do best - the nail paints. You do fabulous finishes and effects but the actual makeup is crap. I bought this lipstick because I thought it would turn out nice and dark. I was 10000% wrong. It was bright, I forgot about that and grew to like the colour, but compared to the likes of Rimmel. *cough, 107, cough* It dried out my lips, what was once before smooth and fabulous was now a shriveled prune. Much like your fingers when you stay to long in a bath. Enough said, please do not buy Barry M lipsticks.

Lastly is a Rimmel Scandal Eyes product. It's okay, but not the best. Compared to the size of the crayon, you would expect a razor sharp strong eyeliner game that you can blend into smoky eye right? Once again, you are wrong. It was thin, I might as well have bought a pencil, I tried everything and just ended up buying the Soap & Glory Supercats eyeliner in exasperation. And now it's my holy grail! I think after this I've certainly fallen out of love with pencil eyeliner.

Have any products disappointed you?

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  1. Yeah I saw Benefit and thought 'What?!' but I tried this exact same sample from Elle and the consistency was awful and I was so confused about how to apply it? Maybe it's better in full size but I was super disappointed with it. And I agree, just don't buy anything that isn't nail varnish from Barry M. I got an eyeshadow palette from them and the colour was so feeble it barely showed up at all and faded after a couple of hours!


    1. I'll take my chances once I have the money for the full size one, but I'm glad I'm not alone :)

  2. Hello! I tagged you to do the Drugstore Makeup tag as I thought you would enjoy doing it! You can find it on my blog :) xx

    1. aww thank you so much, I'll certainly take part :)


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