July Lusts


-- This month's lusts are very summer themed 
and involves a favourite seaside place --

Firstly, say hello to the August header, I think it's very cute and shows my personality a lot - just look at the succulents and Starbucks. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about a few things and these things can be put into a lusts post. And that's what I've done!

1. I actually love watching food shows and especially Rachel Khoo who lives in a cute flat in Paris. She's released a recipes book and I really want to try some out as what she conjures up is always delicious. I found the book on the Anthropologie website and I hope to visit the actual store on King's Road to get it yay.

2. Lush Lush Lush. I just want to shop in Lush and buy everything. Especially the Big Blue bath bomb which is perfect for the summer as not only does it remind me of Brighton because of the sea salt, but it has loads of seaweed in and it smells really good.

3. I'm looking forward to a pizza with the family in Brighton and I would love to go to either Pizza Express or Zizzi's. Both look amazing and it's always nice to finish a day at the seaside with the bae.

4. Cath Kidston has impressed me with the new Autumn collection, and I've fallen in love with this shoulder bag. It's not too small and it has a cute polka dot pattern with plenty of pockets. For £48, I'm going to make it my summer treat, because it's perfect for all year round, along with my little Lush spree. I'm just getting excited thinking about it.

5. Ice cream has been on my brain as well as lusting after actual hot weather in London. I'm still waiting for my local supermarkets to stock the Ben and Jerry's Cookie Core and I've been thinking about my favourite ice cream shop in Brighton - Boho Gelato. (You can see what it's about with a throwback to last year with a post on the place here!)

What are your lusts for the month?

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  1. lovely post, I LOVE your blog header!

    Elle x


    1. thank you, I'm glad you like it x


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx