Zoella Tutti Fruity | Let's Spritz and Candy Creamy Review


-- A sneaky part two of my favourite products 
from my favourite blogger --

Trying not to be a biased loyal Zoella fan here, but I actually loved the scrub so much and the scent that I went out and bought the body mist and body lotion. If you want to see the first post on the scrub, you can read it here.

The body mist at £8 is a nice little bottle of fruity goodness and for the past few days I've been spraying it on me and it literally reminds me of summer. It's really strong at first but it dies down after a while, though you can still smell it. I've never had a fragrance and I've never really been interested in fragrances, but this body mist is what I'm calling my summer scent now and I plan to only stick to this and nothing else, unless Zoe brings out a better one haha.

Much like the scrub, the £5 candy creamy body lotion contains little beads that dissolve. The scent like the scrub lasts a long time, which is what I love about body lotions. Though it is like sun lotion and takes a little while for my skin to absorb it but not too long, but I see that in a good way as in a way it will last longer. I'll happily put this product up there with my new favourite - Soap & Glory The Daily Smooth.

This post is a little short because I'm not feeling too good, but I really wanted to do a post today so I hope I described the products well.

Have a good Monday guys x

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  1. everything looks so girly and cute! I love it xx

    1. I know, I love the packaging so much :)


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