Benefits Of Using An iPhone For Your Blog Photos


-- A few reasons on why you probably don't need 
to fork out £400 for a camera ft. my friend --

I hope my friend doesn't mind me demonstrating the use of an iPhone for this post. As you all know I've upgraded from a Samsung S3 mini to a beautiful iPhone 6 Plus and I'm not going to lie. My blog photos, in my opinion, have improved considerably. And with a few extra pointers, I think you guys can also really benefit from an iPhone if you don't have the means to buy a camera. I don't think it's the end of the world when it comes to blog photography, and it doesn't mean you're any better if you do have a camera. I guess I'm really saying that it's all about how you write and present the overall look of your blog, and you can get the desired shots with a really good phone camera.

Even photographers are turning to the likes of the iPhone camera because it's something that's so light to carry, and you can whip it out if you see something you would like to capture. It's come a long way from being some 3MP mess. And this post is essentially a part two of how I edit my photos, because my first one was an absolute mess - I'm sorry if you had to read it.

Having my phone for a few months now, I noticed a considerable change in the quality of my blog. My photos look brighter and cleaner and less grainy than my old ones, and this makes me happy because it adds to the image of my blog. The focus on the camera is really good, and there's much less editing involved. Even though I still use the filters on VSCOCam because it's an easier alternative to the likes of Photoshop.

VSCOCam is my saviour. I don't know how many times I've gone from one filter to the other and my photos still look amazing. Plus there's no memory card involved, and you can just load, edit, save then send to your email ready for the blog. Simples. It's no surprise it's one of the most used editing apps ever. The tools you can use make such big yet subtle changes and it doesn't affect the quality of your photo - unlike the instagram photo editor. (Ew.)

If you're starting out with your blog, I suggest using an iPhone to get to grips with knowing about presenting products and so on. You can still have a really lovely blog, and like me, if you're really happy with how it's turning out and you're passionate about blogging then do go for a nice camera. Which I probably will in about a year so, but I'm happy my creative stride is focused through my 8MP phone camera.

How do you guys like to take photographs? I would love to hear your opinions on this. x

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