King's Road Photo Diary


A row of Chelsea houses which were super pretty
 -- A summer's day of fun, even if the 
weather wasn't up to it --

As you probably know from my style post yesterday, me and one of my best friends went to King's Road yesterday to explore and shop. It's honestly a very beautiful area and even the Pizza Express we went to was really impressive. Much like the Brighton photo diary way back in April, I'm giving each photo it's own space with a caption so you guys can get a pretty good idea of what the day was like. It was very chilled, so I am happy with the pictures I got for my blog and instagram haha. Enjoy, and I'll post a link to my vlog later today. xx

Two Americano's and a side of cravings fulfilled please?

The only flower stall I found which needed to be snapped, because every blogger has a pic like this on insta right?

LUSH. LUSH. LUSH. You can see what I picked up in tomorrow's post!

Anthropologie, holy moly guacamole, this shop is literal goals and I am ready to buy it all!

What's a trip to London without Starbucks?

A cute selfie with my friend on the way home... I look exhausted haha

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  1. ahhh i love anthropologie, it always sells such beautiful things! Hope you had a great time xx


Thank you guys for all your lovely comments, I love to read and reply to them all! :) xx