Pastel Barry M Speedy Dry Nails


-- Bring out the pastel nails this summer 
with the Barry M Speedy Nails --

I admit, I am behind the times for the release of these nail paints. I picked up Full Throttle and Stop the Clock, (they were 2 for £6 in Boots the other day) and I thought these would be perfect for the summer as the pastel shades make me look more tanned. Especially Stop the Clock which is a pastel muted yellow/cream shade. The other pastel shades are also really pretty, and I want to expand my collection on these.

The consistency of the nail paints are like the standard paints you get and you can cover the nails well with two layers, however, much like their name, they can be compared to the 60 seconds range from Rimmel. But I have to say, they take much longer than 60 seconds to dry if you slather on a thick layer. Much like I do. But the 60 seconds range also doesn't keep to the time they state on their packaging.

I have to say, I'm relatively pleased with how fast it does dry as it's quicker than the Gelly range but it's not quick enough, and I managed to spoil one of my nails after a couple of minutes. Damn. Would I recommend these? If you're really into pastel shades and have 15 mins on your hands to make sure the paint dries well then yes. The first layer is really quick drying, but once you add the second, it takes a little longer.

Individually, they're priced at £3.99, and they also have darker brighter shades to choose from.

Have you guys tried the Speedy Dry range?

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  1. Love this!!!

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  2. I've not tried this range yet but I love these colours that you've used. Slightly unrelated, but your photography has been lovely lately, keep up the good work! <3
    Megan x
    London Callings


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