How To Be Your Own Aesthetic


-- It's your turn to be everyone's goals --

Whether you're starting out on a blog or social media platform, or generally finding what you love, it's important to find out who you are through taste and as a person. Aesthetic. It's a word that's thrown around on social media, especially among the cool people. But everyone can embrace it. It's easy, like with every topic bloggers write about, to follow what others do though. Because that's what's popular and what people want. But it's also important to decide what you want to show everyone you're about.

For me, it's all about my favourite things. Lush, independent magazines, plants and marble and wood chopping boards. Yup, that wooden thing in my photo is a chopping board. Oh, and coffee, how could I forget. I drink it every day.

Google put it as:

"the branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste."

But that sounds so tumblr and hipster. What I say is it's what part of your personality you want to shine. For me, my blog and instagram are the main ways to allow me to be creative. You can define my aesthetic through what I post. It's a lot of music and food with a mix of beauty. And pugs.

Here's some tips to put it simpler: (Because hey, we don't want a long essay about this!)

001: Look around your room and pick out your favourite parts. Define your style.

002: Gather together your interests and what you want to share with the world.

003: Find out what you wish to be interested in. E.g. music, photography, art.

004: Be your own aesthetic. If you blend in, that's boring. Everyone will be intrigued if you don't.

005: Finally, present yourself on who you wish to be.

Does these even make sense? I don't know. But what I can say is that after writing this, I've come to the conclusion that I'm happy with my style right now. I love modern prints, independent cool and arty magazines, Lush, high end beauty, Primark clothes, chopping boards that make my blog and instagram look cool and my writing style is something that I embrace here.

Having said that... Here's some lovely bloggy people that have awesome aesthetics:

Have you guys found your aesthetic?

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